Is there a fix or is my AC200 DEAD?

Looks like this this is a common, yet brutally annoying issue. My brand new Ac200 was left in my van for a few months, and now returning it won’t turn on.

I am way undereducated in this space but it seems from reading these threads it needs to be taken apart and ‘jump started’?

Seems crazy to have this ‘motherboard failure’ for such an expensive system to have this flaw, please help!

(other threads with the same issue)

This might help you with your problem. I have a small solar generator and I left it in my trailer for months during the summer and it got warm in there. When I tried to use it at 100% it drop down to 0% and quit working. I tried to charge it and it when to 100% with the charger connected, but did not keep the charge. I gave up because it was out of warranty. I took it apart and measure the voltage and found one of the small battery dead and it pulled the rest of the battery bank down. I tried to separate it but could not. So I junked it.

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If your AC200P was not shut completely off the battery has most likely dropped to a voltage level that is less than the chargable threshold causing the issue. It is very important to insure the unit is turned off and not just clicked into standby mode. If the AC200P reaches 0% state of charge, it needs to be recharges even a little as soon as possible.

Your car battery will also be negatively affected if the ignition is left on for months which will drain the battery.

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Hey Scott!

Thanks a ton for the response, dove down a rabbit hole yesterday and saw your the guy to talk to on here:)

So, in said rabbit hole it looks like a many people have the same issue, and as annoying as I was yesterday the fact is I know it is salvageable. The question is regards to the wide variety of peoples answers…Is it is a simple fix by plugging into a different power source, a DIY take apart and ‘boost’ battery, or a complete warranty replacement?

My mistake was definitely leaving my RVs 400watts of solar panels connected in the input over winter, and the aforementioned lack of proper shut off. I was more worried about the vans batteries as this was all a new purchase last last summer and simply thought plugging the main power in for winter would trickle charge the entire system (good news is she fired first try!)

So, Scott, I am located in Ontario, can send pictures, videos and Christmas cards or drive anywhere recommended and qualified to help me out! The 24month mark of purchase on the warranty cert says 6/20 so hoping to sort if before the 2 year mark coming up.
Please advise, because this is my primary dwelling and would love to be back off the grid again!

Many thanks

The only thing I have heard of to “rescue” the dead battery is to connect a charger directly to the battery inside the case (requires opening up the unit) until the voltage raises to a level where the built in BMS is able to charge again. I AM IN NO WAY RECOMMENDING THIS AND HAVE NOT DONE SO MYSELF BUT HAVE SEEN A FEW VIDEOS ON REVIVING DEAD BATTERIES. I AM MERELY STATING WHAT I HAVE SEEN AND HEARD) I have seen this issue arise several times with several brands of LifePO4 battery powered units. I went so far as to mention on another brands forum that it would be a good idea to include a master off switch for all units to insure the battery level will not drop to an undesireable level unitentionally. I was essentionly shouted down and told it was not needed and would not happen.

If I were you at this point, I would contact Bluetti and ask for assistance with the issue to see if they have a work around or would swap you out.

IN MY OPINION ONLY what is happening is that when a unit reaches 0% state of charge, the BMS system stops normal operation of the unit. At this point, there is still a small amount of draw that over time allows the battery voltage to drop to a point lower than the minimum threshold to allow charging to beging. Due to this the batteries should be recharged as soon as possible when reaching 0% stat of charge to prevent this issue from occurring.

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Many thanks Scott,

I am in communication with Bluetti, but due to the fact this was purchased with the van 2nd hand I am fearful I will have no warranty.

Any knowledge of Ontario and its retailers/qualified battery techs?

And just to acknowledge, its obvious your opinion is correct, especially regarding the master switch. Very obvious from seeing all the dangerous situations this major glitch has caused people in the last two years with their units failing. Just another case of overeager techies reaching farther for design then functionality.

Sorry, I don’t have any information regarding Ontario or it retailers etc.

I just bought a 200 Max bluetti it’s doing the same thing won’t turn on I get code 30 and 29 really frustrating The generator is only 6 to 7 months old I had to send it back cuz it couldn’t be fix over the phone or via email input. Don’t want to be lugging 72 lb machine back and forth to UPS I was told it was the motherboard and it’s been over 2 weeks … hopefully they can correct that motherboard or whatever the issue is cuz they’re going to get a lot of bluettis going back to their shop and a lot of bad reviews if this becomes a serious issue, cuz nobody wants to spend that kind of money and have a headache dealing with it.
I’ll update my post with the results if and when I get the generator back. Best to you all

Folks, I have another thread dealing with this same issue. Scott is the one who pinpointed my problem. I have had a great response from Bluetti. I have had THREE units replaced for the same problem. There is no mention in the manual of the consequences of just “clicking the power button” that it goes into sleep mode and you don’t know it…until you later try to turn it on and it is dead. Even Bluetti service seems to be unaware since I asked after my second unit went bad. This issue has not only been annoying but must be expensive for Bluetti and therefore for us as customers. There is no recovery other than to return it or open it up which voids the warranty.

Much appreciated Scott, I am in contact with Bluetti via email now

absolutely agree, will bite my tongue but in my opinion what a joke to have such a common and easy issue that ‘shuts down’ the unit.

anyway, Im in the same boat and just beginning the return process. Will keep you updated as well!

Hey Karl, great to hear they are returning no questions asked and I appreciate the response.

My question is, how did it happen after you knew about it? Can it not be prevented from happening by having it constantly charging? Or some work around to prevent this from happening…?
Or are we all doomed to be returning a 3k product until they meet there 3 year requirement ?

Thanks cdelang,
Well I just emailed Bluetti to get an update on the generator, it’s been close to 2 weeks.
I will let you know when I hear from them … it was sent to Las Vegas, maybe that’s work they have their operations dept. Al

Well thanks to this forum , Scott in particular, I learned what was happening. Bluetti didn’t even suggest the problem. So now that I know what to do (fully depress the button for five seconds) I think I can avoid the problem. But it’s easy to forget to fully turn off if you expect to use it again in a day “or so”. I wish there was an automatic low level disconnect on the unit that could be then manually turned on again

And yes I’ve had my unit for two years and 23 months of that has been idle. So the warranty will expire long before the functional use has expired.

Karl Dortzbach
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@cdelang @Scott-Benson Any resolution or additional suggestions for this issue? I seem to be having the same/similar problem. My AC500 & B300S were left dormant for a couple of months. Before leaving them at our cabin, I noticed the power button would initially turn off when I pressed to power down, but would come back on again after a few seconds. I figured it would eventually power off. I guess not! Now neither one will power up (no LED screen or green power lights) and will not charge either from the grid, solar, or a generator. I’m at a loss… Any insight you can provide is appreciated.