AC200P LCD issue

AC200P unit after charge going to 0%. LCD no longer turns on when plugged into generator and solar.
Tried plugging it into the wall ; no charge.

Power button led turns on for a few minutes then turns off

Is the AC200 cold? No charging will occur when the unit is cold

current 63 f degrees here. I don’t think it’s the temperature. I’m going to continue to try and charge with my generator and see what happens. I’m thinking it after it hit 0% it doesn’t have enough juice to turn on the LCD

Give it about 15 minutes of charging and then try. If the screen comes on then or even now, make a note of the incoming wattage from the charging source(s). I am assuming that the light comes on in the charging brick indicating it is receiving power and charging.

currently only AC adapter pluggged jnto for charge.
not enought sunlight to try solar.

Im going to try only solar tomorrow to see if that will fix it.

was the unit on for some time after it went to “0” SOC or did you try charging right away?
One last thing. Were you running a high watt draw load which may have heated the AC200 up and it will now not charge due to temperature limits? If so it would need to cool before charging.

The unit was left on when it hit 0%.
Nothing was plugged into the AC200P since it was at 0%.
Nothing was plugged in to draw a high wattage load.
It’s been a few hours since the LCD went out from not having enough power.
Since then having issues charging.

Try pressing the “power” button for 15 seconds and releasing and then try the charging for 15 minutes. If that still does not work, let it sit for two hours with nothing connected and then attempt to charge again. The display will have to come on for at least 3o seconds to be able to see incoming voltage or wattage.

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Thanks Scott! Will give it a go.

Pressed the power button 15 sec
LCD still doesn’t work
Power button LED turns off after a couple minutes.

I’ve disconnected everything and now wait 2 hours before charging again.

after disconnecting everything for 2 hours the lcd booted up for a few seconds then turned off.

tried to charge again no success but the lcd lighting for a few seconds showing the initializing screen is progress. I have a feeling the auto charge with the solae panels might give it enough charge tomorrow.

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Sounds frustrating, keep us informed. If the display would just appear for a few minutes it would be easier to troubleshoot

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with a good amount of sunshine for the solar panels from bluetti. 120w x 3 the ac200p isn’t responding . I’m going to keep trying.

another update:

charging with only solar.
the power led would periodically turn on “green” then turn off by itself.
We had a good 4 hours of strong sunlight

The AC port doesn’t seem to be responding at all.

i’m going to try the car port charging method and see if that works in a couple hours.

So far nothing sounds encouraging. Maybe Solar + AC power brick at the same time? Not hopeful, but it sounds like the battery voltage is so low that something is blocking the charging. I am assuming of course that the AC200 is still warm. The only thing I am aware of that will not let charging occur is 1-State of charge already at 100% or 2- Ac200 too cold or too hot which you stated was not the case.

i’ll try putting the ac200p next to a space heater and see if it’ll charge.

I tried the car port charging method for an hour.
i still get the same results
power led on then it automatically turns off
not sure if it’s charging or not since there’s no indication.

i’m going to start from step 1 and see if i missed something simple.

you’ve been extremely helpful Scott! appreciate it

no change. only when connected to solar will the ac200p power led light up for a few minutes and then shut down. i contacted support yesterday and now am waiting.

My LCD is horrible outside in the shade and 70 degrees. Is there any way to increase the brightness. Help please

Other than holding your hand over the top like a visor no. The brightness is fixed

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