EB3A Shuts off at 75% and wont turn back on

I bought myEB3A back in April 2023. I used it a few time while camping. Then, after charging it fully, I had it on my desk for a few months.

Now it seems to turn off every time it reaches 75%, while outputing AC or DC. It will not turn on again until I start charging it. None of the buttons work and the Bluetooth disconnects. After plugging in to AC or DC to chage it, the unit will power up after a few seconds and run normally until 75%. I have tried Fully charging it and each time it shuts off prematurely.

I searched for other post in the forum for similar problems. I tried pressing the three power buttons to reset the unit, but it did not work. If the unit was already off (at 75%) nothing happens. If I press the three buttons before 75% it shows the number 6203 and 5610, but the problem remains.

Thanks for any help,

ARM version v2062.03
DSP version V2056.10

Edit: I should add that mine does not show the “Short” error that others have posted about. AND I turned ECO mode off.

@JamesK I will push a firmware for you to test. And after the firmware upgrade, please do a full cycle of charge and discharge.

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I have updated both firmwares and I am now discharging.

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I discharged and recharged the unit. Looks ok. I am running the unit down again (on 25 watts AC) and I am logging the watt hours on my power meter. It is already past 75%.

@JamesK I’m glad that the problem has been resolved. If there is a further problem, feel
free to let me know.

Thanks. All seems to be working fine now.

Just to follow up the AC output for 8 hours and 50 minutes, which at 25 watts, is 221 Watt Hours. That would make the efficiency of the inverter 82.5%, which is in the expected range to fully deplete the battery.