Eb3a ....powerlifting mode

how do you turn on powerlifting without a phone.?

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@Tim100 Sorry, It has been confirmed that power lifting mode can only be set in the APP interface.

not good ! makes no dam sense none .absolutely retarded


i totally agree.
There is only to things the app can do
Turning on/off power lifting and changing silent/turbo charging mode.

If this functions had a button (or button combination like changing from 50hz to 60Hz)
We would not need the app at all.

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I suppose you are also against feature upgrades or additions that are only possible by using the app.

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Waht feature upgrade and additions have we got so far for the EB3A?

It’s fine if you have the Option to later connect it to your device. Send Your user data to China

And maybe let them install firmware on your devices that makes it worse by increasing self discharge Ac180 - big issues ! no automatic charging from solar, app, and display - #83 by BLUETTI_CARE

without notice:

Your product shuld work as advertise out of the box.
They can’t legally force you later to agree to an contract to uses your device to the full extend.
if this contract was not included with your purchase.

yes I totally agree with you . l love this unit except this ridiculous app . what if your camping and your phone gets wet or you loose it . ridiculous feature so do I keep it in power lifting mode that’s silly too. thanks for your reply brother !

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what if your camping and loose your phone or it gets wet .makes no sense and loose the attitude

Especially since power lifting is not working as Advertised/ described:

Waht if it is an emergence situation.
Waht if you don’t have a phone?
i have never seen in the advertising that i need to have a smart phone to operate this battery.

Or what if i don’t agree to the therms of service for this Chinese spyware they change unilaterally after my purchase.

very well said …!!! thankyou .

Yes, I agree it should be possible to do these things without a smartphone. I do own a smartphone, so for me it’s not an issue. But they do break from time to time (usually when it’s most inconvenient), and I know plenty of people who don’t own a smartphone or choose to not take it on camping trips. Some kind of menu button on the unit to handle these things would be a good idea in my opinion.

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