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What, In formations and statistics get send to Bluetti by the App?
The App sends and revives data over the internet from various servers.
What information statistics about the my connected Blueetti Power station get send to the manufacture?
What information about my Phone and app usage get send to the manufacture?

@BLUETTI Is there something you can talk about?

Oh well when using wifi, the unit sends its latest state to the server, and your phone’s app makes authorized api calls. Since I supposed their api and subsequent stack needs to log data (for system monitoring and troubleshooting) it’s a common denominator to all service providers to declare that they keep your data. For instance;

  • your ip address, with xyz connection token / cookie has called the api endpoint « my batteries overview data » on that date.
  • Moreover, to optimise the user experience, it’s also a common practice to collect data such as what buttons where pressed, in what order (to reduce « friction » in future redesigns), code warnings/errors.

NB I run a software design company, but don’t know about the specifics of Bluetti’s codebase. So I’m just speaking in general. It’s recurring topic, and GDPR made this worse. People are usually outraged to know their ip address is recorded… but post duck-face pictures of themselves with full gps coordinates on public servers (aka reverse stalking)

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@lambda The APP will collect device status data and user behavior data on some clicks on the APP. You can refer to the Privacy Policy of the latest version of the APP. The main purpose is to provide users with more accurate services. The data belongs to the users and Bluetti and will not be passed to any third party, and there will be no privacy risk.

What status data exactly?

And how can the user view the data that belongs to him?!

I disagree. at the moment of moment of purchase i did not signs an contract to give away MY data to china to use MY product.

Collection and transmission of data must be optional and only if the user explicitly want to share the data.

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What data is this exactly? What makes you think it belongs to Bluetti?

Please check the Privacy Policy on the APP.

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It’s just an empty side

@lambda Did you update to the latest version? I can see it by my side.

Can confirm. IOS App V2.1.4 German.

Its everything there.

No i did not update.
I did also not click the Consent button.

But The app is Sending and receiving data anyways without me consenting. So what data?

@lambda Please update the APP to the latest version adn you can see more details.

Can you provide me with a change log of what has changed between the version.
I can’t consent to an update if i have no idea what will change.

Also I don’t want to Consent Bluetti collecting and sending my data to china.
This was not in the disclaimer wen i downloaded the app and bought my unit.

You can’t change this after the fact without my consent.

Also I never consented an the app is sending data Anyways? What data and Why?

I am sorry we can’t provide a change log of what has changed between the versions currently. We have already reported this opinion and if there are any updates, you will see it on the APP when updating the official version of the firmware.

Why not?
Every other big manufacture can.

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