Ac180 - big issues ! no automatic charging from solar, app, and display

I have the same issue. I bought this AC180 from Amazon in July 2023. I’ll need to see this fixed before commiting to using it with my RV while travelling this fall as planned. AC1802320000646453. Needs to wake up every moning and start charging through solar panels without daily user interference and without significant increase in power consumption. Please advise.

I’ve upgraded my AC180 to the latest firmware available. The latest version available according to the app is v1033.06.

We will push BMS version 103307 for you in 12 hours, you can update the firmware to test later. Looking forward to your update.

@BradMitchellPhotography Please load BMS firmware 1033.07 to test.

I loaded BMS firmware 1033.07, and now the AC180 is auto charging from solar each morning. That’s great. And the AC180 now seems accessible via Bluetooth more often without having to press the power button.

However, the AC180 now has a high self-discharge rate of about 3.4 watts, which is too high. Basically this means that the AC180 will loose 81.6 watt-hours each day, which is a loss of 7% capacity each day.

Perhaps this additional power consumption is related to the Bluetooth radio being on all the time. If so, I’d like to see a firmware/app update that adds a checkbox where we have the option for Bluetooth to be active only when the AC180 screen is on (I can really live without Bluetooth most of the time).

If this additional power consumption is related to the MPPT circuit, perhaps a firmware update could put the circuit to sleep when DC charging input is less than 1 watt, and then wake up every 5 seconds to check whether DC charging input has increased. Such low duty cycle may save significant power at the cost of only having to wait up to 5 seconds for a new DC charging session to begin.


@BradMitchellPhotography Yes, the firmware will higher the self-consumption. I will check with our technician about the possibility. If there is any update, I will inform you.

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So what if a customer don’t want a higher self-consumption / discharge.
How can you make HIS product perform worse without his consent?

This is why you MUST have change logs for the updates.

For this firmware, I have asked for advice and indicated possible drawbacks before pushing it. At the same time, we also considered the possibility that this firmware would not be accepted by all the customers, so it was not pushed to all machines. The feedback regarding the need for change logs in the updates has been forwarded to the relevant departments for evaluation.


So… with the new firmware, can the unit be switched completely off so no drain will occur? I was going to purchase this unit this week, but I can’t have drain on a unit not being used.

ARsolar: The short answer to your question is “yes”.

I just ran some tests regarding this issue over the last several days with the updated firmware (ARM v2073.04, DSP v2077.07, BMS v1033.07). I ran each test over at least 24 hours and observed how much the state of charge changed. I then calculated continuous self-discharge rate as (Capacity)(Lost SoC)/(Time), where Capacity is 1152 W-hr for AC180. There were no AC or DC loads plugged in during these tests. Here is what I found:

  • AC180 in standby*: 3W continuous self-discharge rate.
  • AC180 DC output circuit on: 3W continuous self-discharge rate.
  • AC180 AC output circuit on: 12W continuous self-discharge rate.
  • AC180 off **: 0 self-discharge rate (i.e. not measurable over 24 hours).

*“Standby” is a term I made up. It means that AC and DC output circuits are both off, but AC180 is not off (though its screen may be off). It is still “responsive” and can still be charged by solar (i.e. MPPT circuit will recognize solar input and do its thing to regulate the solar charging) and the unit is still accessible via the Bluetooth app and will wake up if accessed via Bluetooth app. Standby can be initiated by simply turning off both AC and DC output circuits, but not pressing the physical Pwr button. The screen will go dark after several seconds but still be in this “standby” mode.

**“Off” means the unit is turned off by manually pressing the physical Pwr button on the unit for multiple seconds until the AC180 turns off. In this state, it cannot be charged by solar and the unit is not accessible via the Bluetooth app (until it is turned back on again via the physical Pwr button).

I’m glad that “off” has 0 self-discharge, otherwise I’d probably be returning the AC180. Even though I’m not happy that it can’t solar charge unless in “standby”. I live in rainy western Washington State and can’t get enough juice from my 100W solar panel to keep up with 3 watts of self-discharge for days at a time.

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I am also having the same issues with my AC180. Can I have the updated firmware? DSP and BMS.
ARM v2073.04
DSP v2077.06
BMS v1033.06
SN AC1802328000677988

@10001110101 For the problem of PV activation, the problem can be resolved by updating the BMS version currently, but it may little higher the consumption. Would you like to test?

Yes I would like to test.

@10001110101 OK. The firmware will be pushed in 12 hours. Looking forward to your update.

Good morning,
I am having the same issue with my two AC180s. I would like to test the updated firmware as well.

ARM v2073.04
DSP v2077.06
BMS v1033.06
SNs AC1802330004042220, AC1802330004048667

@spstech The BMS 1033.08 was pushed to all AC180s, please update it andcheck.

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I’m also having the issue of PV activation, even after the latest firmware from last week. I have 2, 100 watt panels in series always connected. May I test a new firmware? I’m ok with a higher power consumption.

What changed between BMS 1033.08 and 1033.07?

@BluettiCamper welcome to the forum!! I believe the 1033.08 update fixed the issue where previously, if you had PV connected 24/7, it originally wouldnt automatically start solar charging when the sun came back up in the morning. This update of course added additional energy consumption due to the board keeping the mppt optimized and running thru the night, but in my experience has been minimal, and making the update well worth it. Before, you would have to run out there in the morning and unplug/replug in the PV input to get it to start working. Now its automatic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I see above in this discussion that 1033.07 included the changes you mentioned. Were additional changes made when 1033.08 was rolled out? Or is 1033.08 just the official version of 1033.07?

Either way, 95% of my use of the AC180 does not involve solar. I would prefer to have the efficiency of 1033.06 over the “always on” mppt of 1033.08. I have 300 watts of solar, but the places I usually camp are heavily shaded. I upgraded to the AC180 because my EB70 and 300 watts of solar panels weren’t keeping up with my needs (I over-paneled in an attempt to make up for the shade).

Could 1033.09 add a toggle on/off to the app for this feature?

Is it possible to revert to 1033.06?

Also, I’ll add my name to the list of those requesting firmware revision change logs.