Power Lifting Ouptut Power?

Hello in the App it says (for Power Lifting) the output power stays the same ( 600W) but in can drive 1200W loads.
But with Power Lifting enabled i can draw only 300W before the output voltage drops.
If i add more load the voltage only drops more but the output power stays at 300W
Why is the power not 600W

For example i have a hair dryer with 400W on low and 800W on high.
With out power lifting it gives me 400W on low and cuts off on high power.

With power lifting i would expect to get 400W on low and 600W on high
But No With power-lifting its 300W on low and also 300W on high but the fan spins slower because of the voltage drop

Power lifting does not lift the power but only prevents the circuit from overloading when presented with loads exceeding the 600 watt max. I do not know why specifically the output does not stay at 600 watts.

Tarts what it says in the App and in the manual.
And this is why i wonder why the power can’t go over 300W

As i said with 400V load it already drops the voltage significantly so the 400W load only draws 300W

I have other types of Sogen products with a similar feature that output a max of 600 watts. If I apply a load of 900 watts, the unit still outputs the full 600 watts. Don’t know why the eb3a operates differently

Any updates from technician staff?