AC180P turns off randomly

New Bluetti AC180P works as UPS for fridge (Serial number is 2342000664076, arm 2089,02, dsp 2088,02) — fully charged and have active AC output with 80 watts of periodical consumption (launches few times in a hour). In few hours (about 4) it just turns off completely — green AC and green Power buttons are disabled, 0 output. Also it shows 0 output even if there is actually few watts used for led lights but let’s talk about it some other time.

ECO mode is disabled for DC and AC outputs.
Standart charging mode (or SiIent, doesn’t seem to be a difference).
No errors or anything like this in app or on the device screen.
There is not too hot in the room and enough air for fans.

What is the point to turn off your device every 4 hours? Can I get a solution in closest days? Thanks.


Update (already said in other similiar topics) — error code on device is E090 - E000.

@UserOfBluetti There is a new firmware 208803 that may solve the problem. I will push the firmware for you in 24 hours to test.


Can you also tell what error E090 means?
May be I can try to fix it somehow, like don’t plug it near other devices or something?

@UserOfBluetti E090 means output overcurrent. E090-E000 means E090 is a historical fault, and E000 is currently fault-free.

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It seems to me that this is not a random shutdown, but the same problem that I have with this model. To reproduce this bug, you just need to charge the battery to 100% and then, in UPS mode, during a power spike or disconnection from the power grid, everything will shut down. You can simply unplug it from the socket.
And here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Charge up to 100%.
  2. Wait a couple of minutes for the voltage to pass through the device (without recharging the battery).
  3. Disconnect from the grid.

Where can I download and try a new firmware version for this model? Because in the “upgrade” section, it does not find any new versions.

I have experienced the same behavior that @okyesanap described above. After charging to 100% after undervoltage from the power grid, everything was shut down.
DSP version - v2088,02

@okyesanap @Yaroslav Please provide me with the SN and the firmware version as well. Thank you.

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ARM v2089.02
DSP v2088.02
BMS v1039.01
This looks a lot like a firmware error. Because if the device is not fully charged, it works correctly. This bug only occurs when the station passes the voltage through itself without charging the batteries.

ARM v2089,02
DSP v2088,02
BMS v1039,01

@okyesanap @Yaroslav Please make sure ECO mode is off. We will push a new firmware for you to test.

Yes, the eco mode is turned off.
Thank you, I received a new version. I will try to test it today during the day and will write the results. Today - tomorrow.

@BLUETTI_CARE At first glance, everything works fine. Right now, this bug is not reproducible. Excellent work. It seems that now this device can be confidently used as a UPS. I will test it for a long period of time, but what I see now is already good!

Exactly the same problem here.
Shutdown occurs only at 100% SoC but sometimes it is seemingly at random, without grid power loss.
Setting sleep timer to never does not resolve the problem. ECO mode is off. No alert/error messages are provided through the app.

ARM v2089.02
DSP v2088.02
BMS v1039.01

Hey, I have the same problem as described above. When at 100% battery and losing power from grid the station just shut downs by itself. Could you please also push this firmware to me?

ARM: 2089.02
DSP: 2088.02
BMS: 1039.01

I updated the DSP to v2088.03, but occasional shutdowns still occur when working in a pass-through mode with a fully charged battery. ECO mode is off. No errors are shown when turning on the device right after the random shutdown.

@Yaroslav This is strange, but in my case, it started working correctly. I have been testing it for half a day, and there have been no turns off. I can unplug and plug it back in at any time, and everything is okay, with 100% charge. Before the firmware update, this always led to a shutdown.

I have the same problem with the shutdown
Eco disable
Errors code E0092 E0000
ARM - 2124.02
DSP - 2126.02
BMS - 1052.02

how do I fix it??

With new firmware AC180P (2342000664076, DSP 2088,03) became slightly better — two days seemingly without interruptions of AC output, even EB3A (2244003022538, DSP 2052,51) turned off 4 times in one hour yesterday once but AC180P seemingly acted as UPS like it should.
But anyway today during short grid disconnection (global electricity turnoff) AC180P just turned off completely again — green button became gray, 0 AC output.

And another turning off in 3 hours while electricity didn’t even blink. Seriously, sometimes it’s just unuseable in UPS mode — turnings off are more frequent than without Bluetti devices. So what will you recommend to do next?