Share Your Thanksgiving Recipe, Win BLUETTI Grand Prize!

poor child, you broke his teeth!
just kidding, fun way to summon Tooth Fairy I guess


woa I bet that lion is feeling better looking at cookies rather than its cake topper doppleganger LOL


Yes the cooking robot belongs to me! I’m so lucky❤️


looks like a fun cooking insta page too :+1:

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It’s so generous to organize this #BLUETTIThanksgiving2023 contest!
We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Belgium. However, as a housewife, I take great pride in cooking traditional meals from my homeland Korea all year round:

My 3 kids love it, and the beauty of Bibimbap is, as the name suggests, to be creative! It translates to “mixed rice”, implying assortments of vegetables. No two Bibimbap tables are alike, the creativity (and available ingredients…) have a lot to do with the outcome.

You can find some general guidelines with recipe books, but really, learning to pickle vegetables is a lynchpin in Korean cooking. Lacto-fermentation is not only a great way to preserve food in a natural way, it also reveals flavors and make nutrients more available to the body. Batch cooking lots of jars of fermented veggies can also be a timesaver :slight_smile: And on top that, it’ easy to digest, slightly crunchy and highly satisfying!


just got back on the balcony mount system topic… and it’s B210 compatible:

I like the idea of this new battery to operate with both a microgrid style and portable batteries. I won’t take big risks thinking it’s hot-swappable too… store surplus… take surplus away… or dump in the house. Win win.


@Derceto I havent seen the b210 or have gotten to play around with it in person yet, but thats EXACTLY what I am thinking too! Its incredible that Bluetti has taken everything into account and will start offering expansions that will work in multiple different use-cases! I am GEEKED about this. haha :heart_eyes:


Aha same here :smile:
BTW how about you showcase your coffee cart? It’s so fitting given the thanksgiving theme :heart_eyes:


@Derceto we used it yesterday and I actually just stocked it back up for this afternoons “happy hour” for our residents, but I plan on showcasing that off a little more in detail down the line. :slight_smile:


Hello to everyone, In Greece we don’t have ThanksGiving so we don’t celebrate it but i made a small pizza instead of turkey hehehehe.

How i made the pizza?
Pre made pizza pie from supermarket
Tomato sauce for pizza
200g mozzarella cheese
Fresh mushrooms
10 pieces of pepperoni under the cheese
On airfryer for 10 minutes and that’s it.

I really want to replace my AC200MAX with the new amazing AC200L so guys please help me :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


Im not that much into mushrooms, but that looking kinda delicious!

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you dislike mushrooms but still upvoted - that’s the spirit :rofl:
EDIT; woa I should really get into cooking… never thought learning to bake would earn a solar power station one day :rofl:


oh woot the competition is tight here.

@Selfmadestrom looks like we’re getting similar upvote counts. TBH my wife is another participant, so I prefer to pass if my post earns anything.

better UPS for the gaming PC :slight_smile: ?
upvoting for that nobe cause!


Better ups also much quiter because i have the ac200max in my room.

May the best post be the winner…

For thoose who dont vote until now. Be quick!

A community full of surprises^^

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Yes but honestly look at all the new accounts suddenly joining to upvote certain posts :laughing:
Not sure an admin has seen the IP addresses of those unexpected newcomers :laughing:


Kinda wondering too. But we will see^^. I invite some friends to join the forum. But didnt see them for now :frowning:

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LOL you guys are being cute, OF COURSE there’s a guy creating tons of accounts just to have upvotes… and AFAIK not even afraid to only upvote his own post… tsk tsk dude @Koumkouat I thought you were playing fair but c’mon this is really so overt… I wish I didn’t vote your post up!

All the same, just liking your post (or just another guy who’s low enough under the radar to make it look fair? haha really guys) :four_leaf_clover:

I hope @BLUETTI @m.briney and forum mods pick the winners based on content, not like virtual upvotes.