Why Choose BLUETTI Balcony Solar System❓

· :arrows_counterclockwise:High compatibility - D100S & B210 are compatible with other microinverter.

· :shield:B210 with IP65 protection & Large capacity up to 4300Wh - Achieved by connecting 2*B210 packs.

· :money_with_wings:Highly subsidized, further saving you money - Fixed battery pack frame, get 200€~600€ subsidy.

· :sunrise:Two types of solar panels available:
Rigid panels (IP68 protection) & Flexible panels (IP67 protection)

· :white_check_mark:Two types of brackets available: Fixed/Adjustable, both CE certified.

:city_sunset:BLUETTI Balcony Solar System, an ideal solution for utilizing solar energy, and you can trust it without any hesitation.

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