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So, how do we go about returning the bluetti ac180 since it is not completely autonomous as described during purchase? This unit will not sense solar and run as a ups pulling the power from the panels as a priority over the grid power. I have purchased solar panels, lifepo batteries and a victron mppt, all based on the expected claims of this product. it appears that I should have stuck with EcoFlow! Time to return for a full refund.

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Good luck with that refund.
Pleases Keep us updated how the “Hassle Free Warranty” works out for you.

What are you trying to do and how is it behaving differently than you expect?

I have an AC300 and there is a PV priority mode where you can set a charge max grid percentage and it will only use grid to charge if it is below that set point. Above that, it will only use PV. This is set on the app. Can you do that and other settings on the BLUETTI app for AC180?

That is what social media, lawyers and small claims court is for.

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There is no setting for that in the app. This is a problem with the algorithm on the mppt controller that has not been fixed. You have to deplete the battery to 99% or pull out the barrel plug and reinsert it in order for the unit to wake back up and you hear the click from the relay and it then, starts charging from solar. If the unit is untouched, it will not work. Every morning this has to be done. There are several of us with this issue.

I just ran this test again for the sake of R&D. The unit will not accept any input voltage when connected to the grid. It will not share the load or even input power until it drops to 99%. This is when you can hear it engage, and the symbol finally shows up on the bottom of the screen. Multiple tests, same result.

If anyone else has the same issue, feel free to chime in.

In my experience, Bluetti will make things right for you when engaged civilly. They would want to try to solve the issue remotely first, but if it cannot be done, shipping it back isn’t a big deal as long as you have the box. I’ve done it before a couple of times.

Can you describe what’s going on? What is the situation and what do you expect to see? What is happening instead?

You mentioned that it doesn’t pull from the connected solar until the battery depletes to 99% or you unplug and re-plug the barrel plug? What barrel plug?

During that time from 100->99% what is powering the device? Is it just draining the internal battery (which is probably OK), or is it pulling from the grid, and only goes down to 99% if output exceeds max grid input?

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First of all, are you employed by Bluetti? I feel as if you are asking what a barrel plug is, you are not familiar with the product. Since I have wasted quite a bit of time on this issue, and it’s documented on the forum and their email, reiterating it does not make sense. Maybe to a tier 2 tech that can change the algorithm perhaps. Are you affiliated?

No, I am not employed or affiliate with Bluetti, just another customer. I don’t have an AC180, but have a AC300/B300, EB70, EB3A, a SolarEdge grid tie system, various Jackery units, and some homebrew stuff. This is a hobby for me. I want to know as I would consider an AC180 but want to know what it does and doesn’t actually do. If I can help you with it, then all the better.

I know what a barrel plug is, but I don’t know how it is used in the AC180 as I don’t have that. I guess I should have asked whether the barrel plug is providing DC (PV) input or AC input.

Where is this AC180 problem documented? Can you post a link if you don’t want to re-type it? I don’t actually know what’s the problem is. What’s wrong with it waiting to go from 100->99% before starting PV charging?


The issue is relatively simple to explain. ROI - Return on investment. you want to capture every single opportunity to have an array, solar generator, mppt or lifepo gain you the advantage of having one. This is done with autonomy. The system doesn’t need to be like a gas generator and wait in a shed. Utilizing it as a ups system means that it shares any pv input over your grid tie and actually moves it to priority #1. If you have over paneled and max this AC180 out, you could have 500w @ 10A coming in via solar. Mathematically giving you the investment of pulling power from the solar at 500w and not your household electricity makes an opportunity of 5kv in 10 hours of sunlight. That extra $25 a month or more means your system isn’t static, it’s working for you. It also prolongs your battery life significantly. The algorithm priority on this unit has to dip into the charging state before the solar relay engages. That is one of the most ignorant ways to have this system set up as. Fans constantly kicking on, the battery floating constantly or in a SOC, inverter heating up, etc. Efficiency is mandated with any of this so you don’t waste money. I am wasting money on having to install a victron mppt when this one has it. This is not the goldilocks unit until that gets fixed.

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It’s the same for me.
Any solar power should also ways go to the load first! regardless of SOC.
If there is no load and the battery is full and solar is coming in ideally the power should be send back to the grid.

But my EB3A always consumes grid power primarily if concreted to the grid. and not a Little it actually has >10W of standby power consumption, gets real hot and the fan turns on regularly.

While getting hot it smells burned…

So when the AC180 is at 100% charge, you said it is not pulling PV (not until SOC drops to 99%). In that 100% no PV state, is it pulling from AC grid? Or is it not pulling from anything until SOC drops to 99% which then starts to turn on PV charging?

I agree that it is an issue if it pulls from AC instead of PV. But it seems like it is expected behaviour if it doesn’t pull from anything including PV at 100% SOC. That maybe just behaviour to protect the battery to not overcharge it.

Note that this is not a grid tie inverter that is meant to export power, if that’s what you are looking for, this isn’t the right unit.

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@apoc When the unit is plugged into the grid (ac wall charging) and you have an AC load plugged in and AC outputs turned ON, the unit is always going to go into “UPS” mode. Thats how UPS mode works. You’re never going to see a power station pulling in DC/PV power and have the power going straight thru the unit and providing “lossless” power to your output loads regardless of using the AC or DC outputs. Sure, when solar charging, it can “pass thru” power to your loads, but its always going to go thru the mppt and battery first. And these conversions of DC-AC-DC power are going to use the batteries capacity to do so. Those numbers in this conversion are what relates to the units overall efficiency numbers. Which honestly are pretty darn solid in the AC180 unit.

Regarding the issue with the unit currently needing the user to manually unplug/replug in the solar charging every morning when the sun comes back out… this is a bug @BLUETTI is aware of and is addressing. They have released a “test” update for the AC180 (bmsv1033.07) which puts the unit in a “standby” state for 24 hours that will allow the mppt charge controller to automatically start solar charging again when the sun comes out but it still has a couple quirks such as an added <6w of idle draw by keeping the bms active. Again… Bluetti is aware of this and has been actively working on a solution that I am sure we will all see soon.

If youre looking for more “autonomy” in a unit, you do have a couple options… you could use some smart plugs for your home/grid charging, you could get one of the larger units such as the ac300/ac500 system, or if you’re searching for a smaller <3000wh stations that features this… you could wait a couple months for the release of one of Bluettis new updated models of the AC200/P/Max or their OG EB240 unit… which WILL give the user more customizable control and “autonomous” features in a smaller footprint like the ac180.

So if there is a known bug that not properly fixed this alone is a reason to return it under warranty and get a full refund.

that Bluetti is aware of it dose not help the customer.
Quite the opposite that. they they Know about this bug And still selling the unit without warning is unacceptable.

Maybe “known bug” isnt quite the word I was looking for. Its more of them working towards releasing an update that will make the functions more efficient. As of right now, the AC180 does everything its advertised to do! It features a super fast “UPS” mode, is still more efficient than 99% of the competitors, and does in fact solar charge at a pretty solid rate! Its just that because the unit is soo new, the market and use-cases are “spreading their wings” and “new bugs” are being found. Personally… I wouldnt have even noticed these “issues” had it not got brought up from fellow users, as my intended use case for this unit doesnt “require” a autonomous wake up solar charging. I have larger units tied to “permanent” rigid-panel arrays for that. But anyways, it is what it is to be honest. FORTUNATELY this unit is able to be firmware updated remotely, so that these quirks are able to be remedied or updated without the need of getting sent back to the company, or worse, HAVING to purchase a different unit completely thats advertised to suite ones individual needs better.

Mike, I do not understand the concern with parasitic consumption if the unit is bound to the grid. The exact same perimeter exists at 99%. Just rewrite the code for 100% SOC, give it the directive for PV priority or any input energy at that port. Because ultimately, anyone charging this tops out at 500w 10A regardless. Nobody should be trying to recharge this at turbo unless an emergency prevails or the need to go mobile. Standard charging would suffice.

I enjoy the removal of comments that involve the words “attorney or legal action” from our company lawyer on this forum. After reviewing this situation for 1 month of research and 1 month of constant banter with Bluetti, I am voting you guys off the island. As a consumer, I have provided due diligence in resolution. As ex-military I have learned to never give up when you see something being done that is not right or unethical. Customers write the script for you and that goes all the way up to the Government. We will be returning this even if it means an investigation from the credit card company. I am a man of principl, and what you are doing is telling people to wait. Once you receive full payment, that mandated full product. I will begin with social media, until we get reimbursement. Good day sir.

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@apoc Francis I have no idea what you’re referring to as I have not hidden or deleted any posts. And I am just a customer like you. I do not work for Bluetti nor have ever been paid by them. I moderate on here completely voluntarily because I enjoy solar tech and of all the companies i’ve worked with since picking up this hobby, Bluetti has hands down been the best.

So I dont know what to tell you man, I have simply laid out what is going on from what I have seen. You are more then welcome to call the @BLUETTI customer service department directly at +1 800-200-2980 or shoot them an email at if the feedback I have given you, or the product doesnt meet your ideal expectations. They will get you taken care of.

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