Horrible Experience with Bluetti so far

Hi - I recently purchased 2 AC500’s and 4 B300s. The items (most of them anyway) were received last week, but rather than the two AC500’s that I ordered, I received 1 AC500 and 1 AC200MAX? I’ve sent multiple e-mails to bluetti and tried to call only just wait on hold for 2 hours. I’m super frustrated given how much these items cost to have zero communications after 3 days of trying.

I’m at the end of my rope here - I guess I’ll just stop payment on my credit card given that it looks like Bluetti just doesn’t care.

I am in a similiar situation. I sent them a defect bluetti back, dhl tracking says they received it, but they say NO, they did not. I do not know what to do now. I contacted DHL and wait now. 1860 EURO damage because they steal my Bluetti.

I’m afraid to say your experiences are not new. Bluetti has ZERO customer service. Bluetti has a phone number that no one answers and an email address whose response time is slower than the US Postal service. Any moment now, someone from Bluetti will respond to this thread with “overwhelmed with Black Friday” or “supply chain issues”. And while those things may be true, they NEVER address their HORRIBLE customer service. If I were in your shoes, I’d cancel your order.


Hey Indy - thanks for the note. At this point, I don’t even know how to cancel the order. How do you cancel something with a company that you cannot get a hold of and who refuses to respond to any form of reach out? In the end, a product is only as good as its weakest link and even if Bluetti were to try and make it right today, I would still cancel just based on how they manage their post-sale business. God forbid I actually had a defect with the equipment that was backing up my whole home and needed Bluetti to support their products. It seems like the only folks who get good service are the ones who have marketing relationships with Blietti via their youtube channels.


Hi @chaddell , Please private message me your order number and the your email address which sent to support and I will have them prioritize your email.

I’ve having a similar issue. I purchased the AC300 and the B300 unit. The AC 300 does not work at all! I’ve tried to call for four days in a row. I was only able to leave a message once, and that was the first day. When you call, you get “mailbox is full. Please try again later.” No one has returned my call. I’ve emailed, no response. I’m at my wits end and ready to call American Express for them to get my money back. Not at all happy with the company.

I finally did get an e-mail from support - unfortunately, their solution to fixing the problem that Bluetti created costs me more money and I’d still be working with a company that doesn’t care about its customers based on how the run their service business. I’m sending the whole lot back to you and moving on to another vendor that has a more established record of success, not just if creating flashy marketing which you’re good at, but more important in serving the people who pay them. Do your research folks, I’m guilty of not doing more and I really regret it.


The UK delivery is pushed back until march 2023?
Why is their date pushed back this far from mid december? Lets hope i get the ac500 battery etc that i ordered. I have a 200max and eb240 etc all working great but this pushing back to march when other zones are not delayed is very strange.


After a week of zero communication – someone from Bluetti finally reached out to me, sweet. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer to solve the issue w/o costing me money, then they stopped responding to e-mails again… (queue elevator music)… Then, after 4 more phone call attempts, multiple e-mails attempts with no response and several “we’re so sorry that this is inconvenient” messages on Facebook and Reddit, 48 hours later I got another mail from someone who had clearly not talked with the first person and now they’re not responding to e-mail either…(queue more elevator music over the sound of me screaming).
Look – I just want my money back and you guys can have your flashy hardware back – I don’t want to do business with you. What does someone need to do to actually speak to a person or have an e-mail conversation that results in a coherent solution vs round and round over 48 hour periods. You have taken $13k from me and not delivered what you promised, that’s not legal in the state of Washington.


I ordered my ac500 and b300s battery on indigogo but only the ac500 arrived? do you think the battery will come later on ? do these usually arrive at different times?

anyone know the answer?

Update 2:

You’d think after all the failures at Bluetti and promises to fix their mistakes, I’d be writing to tell you that in the end they did the right thing here. Nope. I shipped all of the products (wrong ones sent to me) back to u/bluetti_global. They received them 4 days ago and each day I’ve reached out to Bluetti to inquire about the refund that they promised once they received the products - not one response to any e-mails, not one reply to any phone messages left and they still have $12.5K that I paid them. Even when given the opportunity to just make things right, Bluetti continues to disappoint. Wow.