PV Parallel Enable.....What Exactly Does This Mean?

I have two solar arrays, each consisting of the same number of panels and same specs. My AC300 has been charging no problem with them. I have 8 total panels, each at 200w. The strings are wired up in series 4 & 4, each string producing 800watts. I plug them into the two different DC MC4 connector sets. Do I need to worry about using the PV Parallel option in settings? My understanding is that the AC300 literally has 2 MPPT controllers on it and each is capable of up to 1200watts. When does that parallel mode come into play? If it’s two different controllers, then I don’t see why I would need to worry about it. Thoughts?

You’ll find that if you turn it on, the power from the panels goes to zero and it starts beeping.

I had questions about that too. According to Bluetti response, it’s for if you only have 1 cable from your array, and it’s over 1500 watts AND less than 150 volts. Then it will divide the power coming in to the two MPPTs.
It doesn’t seem to work unless the input power is over 1500 watts. as I tried using it with only one array at 1200 watts.

@contem4 You can refer to the following threads about PV Parallel, hope it can help you.

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This setting allows the DC1 and DC2 current to be additive,and A NEEDED SETTING if you use the Bluetti DC transformer they sell. Alternately, when the PV parallel mode is off, the maximum input per channel is only 1200W. So if DC1 is connected to a solar panel array and DC2 is connected to a solar panel array, then the two channels add up to 2400 W. When the PV parallel mode is set, the two channels can be connected together to a solar panel with more than 1200 W and less than 150V. I thought I tested this and the max additive current is about 26A with the Bluetti transformer up to 3000W max input. I use alot of Bluetti gear and this is my recollection. Also DONT FORGET when planning the 150A that if.you leave your panels always connected the MAX VOLTAGE is 150V and the under-load max current-delivering voltage is lower…plan for that… Real world example: dont use 4 24V panels in series, the max V will be about 155 to 160V and the Bluetti wont like that and read over-voltage even though the high-current-yielding voltage will be below 150V.