Linking/powering Bluetti eb70 from stand alone battery

Hello All,
I have a Bluetti eb70 and I am thinking of buying a separate, stand alone LiFePO4 battery. I want charge the Bluetti with the other battery and use the Bluetti for all my DC/AC outlets. I am thinking that running cables from the LiFePO battery (or through a bus bar) to a male DC plug and then into the Bluetti will charge the Bluetti.
Has anyone tried that or have the knowledge to know if it would work?


Should work, no different than charging it from a car’s cigarette lighter plug.

That’s what I’m thinking.
I wouldn’t have to buy another inverter.
I was hoping to find someone who had already done it.

One thing to remember is that the most watts you can draw from the auxiliary battery is around 100 if the battery is a 12 volt or 200 watts if 24 volts since the EB70 has an 8 amp input limit. It takes my EB70 around 8 1/2 hours to charge at 12 volts.

Thanks. Good to know. Now I’ve lost the AC charger that came with it. The website says $150. Luckily it’s sold out. I’ll need to find a better alternative than Bluetti’s wall charger.

I got a good example from another post. Charging from another 100Ah battery

I’ve tested my EB70 with this Lenovo charger which I got for my Bluetti AC30 and it seems to work fine, at least for the short period I tested it (1/2 hour). The charger does run pretty hot since the brick is small with no fan so who knows how long it might last.

The EB70 is showing 125 watts input with the Lenovo so it would probably take almost twice the time to charge it compared to the stock 200 watt charger.

If you do get a battery, get one that is 24 volts. Doing so will double your charge rate to around 200 watts. The battery can connect direct to the PV input port. If you opt for a 12 volt battery, you will be limited to a little under 100 watts of charging

I saw someone on Youtube use a DC/DC 12 to 24 volt converter to step up the voltage.
They’re not very expensive either.

You can do that but make sure you get one with sufficient amperage. You will need 10 amps to get your 200 watts and I would get a 20 amp unit just so you are not running it at full capacity for long periods. They get quite hot. I have a 12 to 48 volt and a 24 to 48 volt that I use to do the same thing you want to do but at a higher voltage in order to charge my Bluetti AC200. There are several posts on it here.

Good info. Thanks Scott

Check about half way down this extensive thread for pics and details.

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