Charge an EB70 with a 24V LifePo4 Battery

Hello and thanks for your replies in advance! (It builds upon a different thread " Linking/powering Bluetti eb70 from stand alone battery" I found:

I’d like to know if I can safely charge an EB70 with a 24V LifePo4 Battery attached to the input-port (ideally while using the EB70)?

If so, can I do that just with a DC7909 plug in the Input port of the EB70 where both wires are connected to the poles of the battery and let the inbuilt MPPT take care of current-limitation etc. or do I need something in between, like a basic circuit breaker or so?

Thanks alot,

@scorpionkai I am very sorry that this is not feasible. We do not provide the relevant available connection cable.

@Bluetti Thanks for the feedback. I understand you don’t provide the cable. Is there any technically limitation though to charging the EB70 with a 24V LiFePo directly attached to the EB70-input port as the usecase is similar to 24V-car charging? (given there is a suitable cable available)

@scorpionkai If you can customize the cable, it is rechargeable.
But lead-acid batteries have to be 12V/24V.

@Bluetti Thanks for the update!

@Community I’d appreciate if you have any further recommendations/experience on (24V)-LiFePo charging / cable assembly? (Happy Camping!)