EB3A shows overload when not overloaded

@bluetti_rivafromrugmailcom Sorry for my late reply. Is the problem solved? If not, there is a new DSP firmware (v2056.16) for you to test.

I’m sorry for my late reply and I see your post now. You can @me if you have any questions. Please let me know the SN and the firmware version of your EB3A, thank you.

The firmware will be sent to your EB3A in 6 hours. Please update the firmware to test.

@familyrestotationphl Please let me know the SN and the firmware version of your EB3A, thank you.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Was fine for about a year. Occurs weekly to daily. Running DSP 2056.13. S/N EB3A2326001962151

@bluetti Any update?

@Lomilar The new firmware will be pushed in 6 hours. Please update the firmware to test.

Thank you. I’ve installed it and am in the process of testing.

FWIW, this occurred with an AC only load that periodically draws up to 22 watts.

@Lomilar Looking forward to your update.

24h so far and things are OK. I’d expect the issue to appear within 3-7 days, will update later as well.

I am experiencing the same issue, can the update please be pushed to mine?


My unit, when left plugged in to the wall and with only a few USB devices, will overload overnight.

It has been 14 days and everything seems good. Thank you!

I too have the issue where my EB3A will show an “OVERLOAD” on the LCD with no AC load. Usually just a phone charging from USB-C, and in some cases, with no load at all and only plugged into AC power for acting as an UPS.

S/N: EB3A2330002347058
ARM: 2062.03
DSP: 2056.13

Could I try a firmware update please?

@cazares We will push a new firmware to your EB3A in 24 hours.

@BLUETTI_CARE Thank you for the quick response! I’ve updated the system and will report back in the next couple of days the results.

With so many occurances of this same issue, why isn’t there a firmware update to all users so this problem does not go on and on and on?

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@Scott-Benson The new firmware will be pushed to all EB3As when tested without any problems.

Hello, I have not heard back, can I please receive the new firmware?


Bout how many revisions or months do you estimate for this to continue?

@BLUETTI_CARE i buy europe verion of EB3A
When i,m starting fridge from battery its run ok. 3 seconds at 545w and after that fridger use 105w, but when im trying use it at ups mode, i have momentaly overload at 505w. Turbo mode enable.
Arm(not awaliable update): v.2053.08
Dsp(not awaliable update): v.2052.11