EB3A: In UPS mode, inverter overloads are turning off AC outlets

I have an Internet modem and WiFi router connected to the two AC outlets (total 11w) and am running in UPS mode. From Day 1, power to the AC outlets is lost due to “inverter overload”. I have to switch on AC each time.

It’s my understanding that UPS mode passes house power straight through to the AC outlets. It’s only when running on battery power that the inverter is involved. So I can’t understand why I should be getting an inverter overload.

I believe that this has happened to others. Is there a firmware fix for this? I’m on 62.03 for ARM and 56.10 for DSP.

@GaryMooney Based on the problem you are experiencing, the machine needs to be returned for repair. Please contact support at service@bluettipower.com as soon as possible for further processing

Thanks for your response. I have done as you suggest.

I note that this problem doesn’t seem to occur when I’m running on battery power, only when I’m in UPS (passthrough) mode.

I now have a replacement, and I’m not getting the same problem.


Glad to know that! Also, thank you for sharing follow-up feedback on the use of EB3A replacement.

This happened to me today. Brand new EB3A, connected a number of low load AC devices to it (network switch, smartphone hubs). Total AC power is 22W, total DC around 5W. Plugged in AC in UPS mode. 10 hours later, inverter shut off with overload indicator. The AC indicator is flickering on the display with no output. I unplugged everything and turned the AC back on, wonder when it would happen again.

Firmware (no option to update)
ARM 2062.03
DSP 2056.10

Is there something I can do to fix this?