Can not change AC on/off and DC on/off bluetti ac200max

Hey, Is there any updates available?
Can u plz try to provide me with fix, I think the problem I didn’t got update bcz for AC 200MAX u need to add prefix - “AC200M” for serial number, can u plz try to push new firmware to following S/N: AC200M2236001186471

hello @BLUETTI !
The same problem for my ac200max appeared a couple of days ago. Please help
SN: 2240003621469
DSP Version: 4005.07
ARM Version: 4008.05
BMS Version: 1017.03
HMI Version: 6037.04

I have had the same problem… a reboot did fix it …. For now at least

@dimko Sorry that I see this till now. Did your AC200MAX update the firmware finally?

@veryetti1 I’m sorry your AC200MAX can’t receive this firmware, please contact the after-sale support to repair the screen.

@BLUETTI_CARE I don’t know why, but there still no 4008.09 available for installation via your application. It is still shown that 4008.03 installed and no new updates available :expressionless:

@dimko Your machine version may not be able to get this firmware update, please contact the after-sales department to replace the screen.