Can not change AC on/off and DC on/off bluetti ac200max

Hi, I can not chance DC on/off or AC on/off on the display.
I can change it only through my mobile phone app.

Whenj it is AC or DC is on, I can not change it over the Display to off. Same when AC or DC is off, the Display works well but AC or DC stays on on or off.

What can I do? Thanks. Guido


Hello @n66dles , is the AC200MAX display does not respond when pressed, or the screen does not turn on at all?

Similar Problem.
My Bluetti 200 Max is about 6 months old, and I can no longer change settings on the touchscreen.

It will not allow me to turn On or Off the AC or DC output, or change the screen time duration unless I use the App.
This problem started about 2 to 4 weeks ago when I went in morning to view the screen it was all

Jambled up. The unit should not have been low enough to turn off?

I started the charger and my screen became clear, but I could not turn the inverter or the DC output on.

Later fired up my app and noticed the app had been updated with new graphics, and I could turn things On or Off.

I need my touch screen to operate, if someone else needs control.

Can you help me?

Thank you,



Same is happening to me, but with my EP500 Pro. I can only change limited settings from the lcd panel. I am forced to use the phone application.

The same, it stopped working a few weeks ago after updating my iPhone Bluetti application to the new one.

Hi @SteveS , If the screen is still not controlled after updating the software on the APP, then the screen is defective and you need to contact support to return for repair.

Hi @n66dles , Did you buy it from our BLUETTI DE website? If you have the order number, you can provide it to me and I will follow up with the customer service department for you.

Thank you for your confirmation, I have passed it on to my colleagues in the EBAY department, thank you!

Thank you for responding,
Here are my current versions.
Bms1 0.00
Bms2 0.00
Serial number 2220000528809
I tried updating the firmware, but not sure that it updated?
It never acknowledges that it is updating?
I tried hitting the update button on the first page that mentions firmware update, and tried hitting the button on the second page that says firmware update.
Is there a video for updating the firmware?
Thank you very much for your help.

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Thanks for the confirmation, may I ask if you are using US 120V or European 230V? I will ask the engineer to push you an update.

hello, I have the same problem with my A200Max 230V EU version. I can make partial changes to the touchlcd, but I do not get them displayed.
also a factory reset, ac-out on/off etc… I can not trigger.
With the APP I also unfortunately can not do a firmware update, it only shows the installed ones. What can I do?

DSP Version: 4005.07
ARM Version: 4008.03
BMS Version: 1017.02
HMI Version: 6037.03
Is there a way to completely de-energize and reset the electronics?

greetings from Germany


Same issue. Started immediately after app update(which judging by comments all over that nobody is happy). I have tried unbinding and going back to standard touchscreen use but nope. There’s no way it’s a bad touchscreen. It was something in the app update. Can you or someone send update. Using the app on Android I tried firmware update and they can’t be selected like I’ve seen in videos.
Bms1 0.00
Bms2 0.00
Serial number 2239000942321

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Hallo together,
Same Problem! My AC200max (This is the 2. because the 1. Was changed after 3 months in case of a memory defect)
It is Not possible top Switch the AC or DC Outputs with the Display. If I use Bluetooth the outputs are already switching, but with the input on the display has no effect. I have contacted the support, but they read one mail after another. It seems BLUETTI tries to waste time, that’s the guarantee is over.

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Same problem here i buy the ac200macx on 31-3-2023

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Same on my AC500. It’s the touchscreen, and it also has some other display problems that I made Bluetti Support aware of.

  • It can’t change the input current from the grid, even with the password.
  • If I go to DATA to ALARM HISTORY, the screen shows gibberish that can’t be cleared. The other Alarm screen works normally.

I suggested that Bluetti duplicate the touchsreen on the APP, or maybe offer two app versions. That would solve the immediate problem, plus allow for any future touchscreen failures after the warranty ends.

I also suggested that they contract out a service company, that can replace the screen at the customer’s house. They have servicemen in all 50 states, contracted by major companies to make repairs on-site.

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Hello i have the same problem no switching on/off at the ac200max 16 july 23


I have exact same issue - started yesterday (20th July). Seemed to start when the app upgraded to 2.1.2 (also yesterday)

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I just checked mine as I have that same update and mine is still working properly. Seems to only affect some.

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never touched my settings. can only turn AC and DC on through app. display is responsive in all ways but “NO” AC/DC on and off after confirmation button pressed. Not able to update firmware. My wife is taunting me because I was going to buy a second unit last week. what’s the fix?

Answer from support: ac200max will be exchanged
Hört sich nach Serienfehler an.

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I was told the same thing. I have to find a big enough box, pack it safely, then they will send a shipping lable and fedex to Texas to attempt repair. This puts my system down for Lord knows how long.