Bluetti AC180P randomly shutdown after grid disconnection

Device was purchased a week or two ago and used with the constant AC load ~150W in UPS setup
When electricity from grid is turned off AC180P sometimes also turns off and does not respond for a 5-10 seconds(backlight and screen also turn off and does not respond)

I would say that it happens approximately once per day and also noticed that it’s usually happens when AC180P is working from grid in mode described above for a 5+ hours and after that grid power disappear

Charging mode standard
DC-ECO disabled
Power lifting disabled
Grid self-adoption disabled

S/N - AC180P2349001119880
ARM - v2089.02
DSP - v2088.02
BMS - v1039.02

Hi @dmytrov

Please have a look at this thread:


@dmytrov We will push the new firmware to your AC180P in 24 hours and you can update the firmware to test.

I have same issue with exactly the same symptoms.

please provide firmware update

S/N AC180P2335000967608
ARM v2089.02
DSP v2088.02
BMS v1039.01

Now it works much better than before(no turnoffs yesterday), thanks!

I’ll test it more and write here in case it happens again

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what are firmware versions you have now?

I receive update from DSP v2088.02 to DSP v2088.03
ARM and BMS versions are the same like your

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I have the same problem with the shutdown
Eco disable
Errors code E0092 E0000
IOT - 9046.01
ARM - 2124.02
DSP - 2126.02
BMS - 1052.02

how do I fix it??

I have the same problem…
when at 100% battery and losing power from the grid the station shut downs by itself (sometimes). Please send or push this new firmware update to me.

ARM: 2089.02
DSP: 2088.02
BMS: 1039.01

@polyhedroid @greedy_wiz @vlad6502 The firmware will be pushed in 24 hours.

I have the same problem.
“when at 100% battery and losing power from the grid the station shut downs by itself (sometimes).”
Please help me.

ARM: v2089,02
DSP: v2088,02
BMS: v1039,01

Hey, could you also push new firmware to me? Thanks!

ARM: 2089.02
DSP: 2088.02
BMS 1039.01

Hi there,
@BLUETTI_CARE I have the same issue. Please push the firmware.