Aviation Cable to XT-90 reversed polarity

When I received my AC200 and tried to charge via car charger it blew the fuses of whatever power source I plugged it into. Started a support email dating back to December 29th. After a bunch of back and forth I ended up figuring the issue out myself on January 15th. The polarity coming from the aviation cable was reversed. I am hoping this didn’t cause damage to my AC200. Support finally agreed to send me a replacement, however they said they’d send me a tracking number ASAP and I haven’t heard back from them and it’s almost been a month sense. I’ve emailed them three times now for an update on the replacement with no response.

Anyways, here’s a picture of the faulty aviation cable. Here you can see a negative voltage reading.

Here is the voltage coming from the car charger. Positive voltage as expected.

Sorry to hear about your cable. Great troubleshooting job. It is going to be tough to get help because there is no contact info or order detail. Do you have your Indiegogo contribution number that could be tracked down and also who you e-mailed originally?

I do know that the cables would need to ship from China and that takes several weeks. If you Private message “Mark Yue” on the Facebook pageFacebook Groups with details, I am confident he can assist. In the meantime if you have the ability to solder (and I think you do based on your troubleshooting skills) desolder your connection and reverse the contact wire polarity. That will get you up and running until your replacement cable arrives.

Thanks for the quick reply. My indiegogo contribution ID is 8287. I emailed crowdfunding@bluetti.com and got responses, initially, from an individual named Frieda.

I would message Mark, however I do not have Facebook. Is there another way to reach him?

Would soldering the wires opposite of how they are now void my warranty if something went wrong?

I copied the complete message above and sent directly to Mark Via E-mail and also explained your situation. The cable you need is going to be tough to get since it is not an accessory item but I am confident he can work something out. With regards to your last question….I am not affiliated with Bluetti other than being one of a few moderators on this page.

If you are certain that the polarity is reversed, I do not see how correcting that error in the cable would affect your warranty. If any damage was going to be done to your AC200 due to a reversed polarity cable issue then I would assume it has already occurred due to the cable already connected with opposite polarity. I doubt that anything is wrong though and if it was me I would definitely reverse the wires if I was sure that the polarity is reversed and enable myself to be able to use the AC200 until another cable gets to you. In the end you will have a new cable and a spare working cable.

But again…this is all my personal opinion and I in no way speak for Bluetti.

Thanks for all your help Scott!

@Chops…have you received your replacement cable yet? just curious as I have been working with the same issue with another user having the exact same problem. He reversed his wires in the aviation cable to get up and running. Here is his post just FYI: Dual charging PV and 110V

Yes, I received it a couple weeks ago. New one is working great. Thank!