Any AC300 updates?

Anyone get their AC300 yet or updates? According to my order number I should have received mine late month. Have not even gotten an update.

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Hi Storm,

What’s your order number?


Thank you for the reply

Hi there,

We are sorry for the late shipping.
Recently, we found that our products are damaged due to the rude treatment during the transportation. So we decide to stop shipping and reship after checking and reinforcement. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Can you guys publish a revised shipping schedule? I have order 10634 AC300 and B300, is that also delayed?


thank you for the update

Lol, i guess not
but excellent suggestion

Go to this topic:

You may qualify for a free AC10 power station.


It has been three weeks since my last post here. Does anyone at Bluetti have an update on when the AC300 and B300 orders will be sent out?

Hi @Raymondjram,

Thank you for your attention.
The first batch will be shipped at the end of January.


They announced about three weeks ago at least that they were putting on hold the B 300 battery shipments due to issues with the internal support. Instead of the quoted January timeline here I would bet it’s going to be closer to the middle of February. I’m waiting on a batteries. You can check on the Facebook group but I think they’re holding off on shipping the AC300s until the battery issue is rectified. I will let you know that I’ve got mine and I love them. I only had problems with one of my batteries.

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Hi @rbillideau,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
What’s the matter with your battery?

I had an issue with one of my B300 batteries. I contacted service at Bluetti for troubleshooting. They indicated that they would replace my battery and then I should safely dispose of it. It will be replaced as soon as you resume shipping them.

Do you have a schedule of the orders being sent out this month?

Got an email this am telling me my replacement was coming and then a ship notice.


Got my tracking number as well for a B300 battery.


I received an email with the FedEx tracking numbers for my two AC300 units, two B300 Batteries, the P030A Fusion Box, and the free AC10 battery. With the tracking numbers I have confirmed that all six packages will arrive this Friday, Jan 21st. So I hope all late B300 orders will arrive soon enough.


That’s exciting to hear!!!

If coming by FedEx figure at least 1-2 days late, that’s been my experience with them lately. Mine was suppose to arrive today but its been delayed by a day and it’s still a long ways away so I’m guessing Friday if I’m lucky.

As expected another delay, gotta love FedEx!