B300 Transportation

Dear B300 Backers:

Thank you for your support to BLUETTI. We are always seeking to serve every customer better.

We have recently learned that several B300s were broken during the transportation. We look to fixing it as soon as possible. It is found that the breakage comes from the logistic providers’ unreasonable parcel sorting method. After negotiations, we decide to suspend the shipping plan of B300s temporarily and enhance the packaging and internal structure of all B300s in stock to guarantee their safe arrivals. It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for us to make this adjustment.

We apologize for the delays of previous orders and would like to compensate the customers who have been waiting for more than two months for a free BLUETTI AC10 power station worth $129. We hope this small gift will make up for the long wait.

*If you ordered the AC300 and B300 between September 15th and September 30th, please contact us by email (service@bluettipower.com) or phone with your address. We will send you an AC10 within three business days.



I’ve received my B300 and it seems fine - is there any way to check and see if the B300 was actually damaged in shipping? Or is this a “it’s VERY obvious if it was damaged” kind of situation? :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Are all B300 delayed, or just a certain batch? Can you published a revised shipping time on your website as the product page still shows the original shipping time.

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Pretty sure it’s all of them that have not arrived.

I ordered two AC300 units and two B300 batteries. If the batteries are delayed, will Bluetti ship the AC300 first, or will wait until the B300 arrive then ship them all together?

Yes, AC300 will be shipped first.

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@snowstorm All B300 will be delayed. We need about 4 to 6 weeks to make this adjustment.

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@mbezzo Hi there, the breakage are obvious, there are cracks on the bottom of the unit. And the sound is abnormal. You can check and please contact us at sale@bluetti.com if it is abnormal.

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ok, thanks for the update! Sounds like I’m one of the lucky ones.

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I have sent my email to BLUETTI Service today because my order was posted Sept. 23rd, so I qualify for the free AC10.

This is going to be problematic for me (order 10634) because I am shipping these to a reshipping facility in NY where they will ship it to me in Canada. If one package (AC300) arrive a lot earlier than the other (B300), then they will charge me storage fees daily or I have to pay for two cross border brokerage fees. I’ve emailed the sale@bluettipower.com to inquire and will share what they say.


@snowstorm Hi snowstorm,

You can contact our customers service to delay shipping.

Got it, I will see if they can hold the AC300 until the B300 is ready.

Greetings All,

My order is BLUETTI-US5730. As best as I can determine, I am also one who has suffered a broken B300. I have also communicated with sale@bluettipower.com concerning strange shipping processes from the shipping carrier. I have also contacted service@bluettipower.com in relation to AC300 error codes that seem to point to a damaged B300. I just thought it wise to chime in.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. Please don’t worry, our team will try our best to solve the problem and provide the better solutions. My colleague from customer service department will reply as soon as possible.

I searched the Bluettipower page for the AC10 and nothing was found. Where can we read the specs for the AC10?

I’ve seen it on Walmart’s site. Bluetti AC Outlet Portable Laptop Charger (TSA-Approved), 99Wh/26756mAh 100W Travel Laptop Power Bank & 45W PD USB-C External Laptop Battery Pack for Notebook Dell HP, MacBook, iPhone, Lighting - Walmart.com

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Ya, it’s on the Maxoak.net site: MAXOAK AC10 Power Bank


Many Thanks !!

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I found it there, too, on the Walmart page. Seems that it is more known as the Maxoak brand than Bluetti. Well for now I see this small power station quite useful when traveling since that is its purpose and limited to only 99 watt-hours which is what the TSA allows onboard planes.