AC500 Error 012 Cause: The BUS voltage is high

@tinking Sorry for my late reply. When the AC is charging, turn on the AC output, and it will report 012 after a while (it does not report 012 as soon as the AC is turned on), right? If so, please check if you have updated it to the latest firmware. Also, please provide me with the SN and the firmware version of AC500. Thank you.

No, it cuts the AC output and simultanously it throws the “01 012” error,
and after a while (some minutes) it throws the “00 012” error.

It always happens when the resistive heating element (2 kW) switches on.

There is one B300S and two B300 conncted.

The B300s is on Bat01 connector and the two B300 are on the Bat02 connector (Bus?).

And here you can see the situation without the error.
The thick red line shows the AC output power. It’s a small heat pump.
The load is less then 3kW.
Unfortunately the situation with error is not recordable due to AC output cutoff.

@tinking You will receive a firmware update notification. Please update it to the latest version and check if the problem can be solved.

I don’t get the “Firmware Upgrade” entry on the app.

@tinking Please update the APP to the latest version, then log in with your account, then follow the below steps:

Yes, I don’t recognised the “connect with bluetooth”. :wink:
Now I updated the DSP and the BMS for the B300s but the IOT upgrade failed permanently.

Now I’m curious if the behavior changes…

And thanks for the support!

@tinking For the IOT Upgrade failed, please try the below steps:

  1. Please remove all inputs and outputs ( PV, mains, and loads)
  2. Upgrade the APP version to the latest, and then upgrade the firmware again
  3. Set the screen-off time to “Never”
  4. If the phone is connected to WiFi, try turning off WiFi and using data to upgrade again
  5. Clear the APP cache and try to upgrade again.
  6. Try downloading the APP again
  7. Try another mobile phone, preferably an Android device.

@tinking Hi, is there any update?


Yes but not the desired one. :(

@tinking I’m sorry to hear that. I found from the background records that you did not successfully upgrade the DSP firmware. Can you upgrade it again?

Where did you get this info?

@tinking It seems that I got the wrong information. You have updated the firmware successfully but the error still appears. Please try switching the AC output to 230V to test.

@tinking Hi, is there any update for your problem?

Hi there,
I would like to ask for SW update for my AC500 as well! Getting that 012 error very often.
Data of my system are following:
S/N: 2232000228538
Comm.board S/N : 2231000081309
IoT : v9041.03
ARM : v4048.02
DSP : v4047.06
HMI : v6052.03
Battery pack#1 B300S : v1022.09
BP #2 B300S : 1022.09
BP #3 B300 : v1021.06
BP #4 B300 : v1014.16
EU version (230v)

@yousha Sorry for my late reply. We will push a firmware for you to test.

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Hello, I have the same issue; everything is up to date.

@Xenios81 May I have the SN and firmware version (including battery packs) and I can check more details?

Hello, AC500 serial number: AC5002242001052989;
loT: v9041.03
ARM: V4048.02
DSP: V4047.06
Battery pack (both b300s, 1022.09)