AC500 Error 012 Cause: The BUS voltage is high

@yousha Sorry for my late reply. We will push a firmware for you to test.

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Hello, I have the same issue; everything is up to date.

@Xenios81 May I have the SN and firmware version (including battery packs) and I can check more details?

Hello, AC500 serial number: AC5002242001052989;
loT: v9041.03
ARM: V4048.02
DSP: V4047.06
Battery pack (both b300s, 1022.09)

@Xenios81 We will push the firmware DSP 4047.08 for you in 12 hours. You can update the firmware to test if the problem can be solved.

same problems here, again.
Please find a solution because the system is not usable properly in this conditions.

@Xenios81 Please update the firmware to DSP404709 to test.

Hello, Same issue on a new unit.
can you send me the latest firmware???
here you are my data:

Model: AC500

DSP Version 4047.06
ARM Version 4048.02
HMI - Version 6052. 04

best regards

Hi @BLUETTI_CARE, I’m getting the same 012 BUS Voltage High error and found out the following:

When connected to the grid, but with AC output turned off, it will charge the battery.

When connected to the grid, and with nothing connected to the AC output, when I turn the AC output on, I get the 012 BUS Voltage High error

When NOT connected to the grid, but with other stuff connected to the AC output, it will turn on and run fine until the battery is empty.

My firmware versions:
IoT: v9041.06
ARM: v4048.02
DSP: v4047.06
BMS: v1022.09

Serial number: AC5002310000527093