AC300 code 008 OCP errors

Hey, everybody.
After about 14 days of using the AC300 + 2x B300, the code 008 OCP errors started appearing irregularly.
It doesn’t matter if there is an appliance connected to the AC300 or not.
I have a total of 2 AC300 units and for both of them this error started to occur after about 2 weeks of use. The AC always disconnects when this error occurs. So it is not possible to use the whole AC300 + 2x B300 setup as a backup power supply.
Does anyone have a similar experience? How should I proceed? Should I return or replace both AC300 units?
Thank you for your answers.

Hi @Franta , Do you have access to the distribution box?
When the distribution box is installed, the N line (meaning the utility N line and the machine out N line) cannot be screwed together

Yes, you have access to the distribution box.
I can confirm that the N utility line is not connected to the N line of the machine.
I have a total of 2x AC300 + 2xB300 and both stations worked without problems (as UPS) for more than 14 days. Independently after 2 weeks of operation, both stations started reporting error 008 irregularly.

Sorry, I ment I have access to the distribution box.

Hi @Franta , Thank you for your confirmation.
AC300 can not be directly connected to the distribution box, you need to connect the sub panel and then connect to the distribution box. Given this 008 OCP error reporting issue, you will need to contact our support team via for further processing.

Thanks for your kind cooperations.

Thank you for your quick response.
I just don’t understand your answer.
The AS300 is not connected directly to the distribution box, but is connected to a standard European 230V single phase wall socket.
There is single line contact, neutral contact and earth contact.
Neutral contact and earth contact are separate from each other.
Thank you very much for any advice.

Verify the firmware version. My two AC300 are updated and are setup and operating in Split Phase mode for 240 VAC at 25 A (6 kW) for my whole home via a transfer switch. This afternoon my wife powered on our clothes dryer, the only appliance that pulls 30 A, and the setup did a shutdown with the 008 OCP code on the alarm display. I powered all down and did a restart, and all is working normally as I am typing this.

So call or write to Bluetti Service and explain your problem.

@Franta How did you solve the problem?

The problem hasn’t been solved yet. Bluetti is supposedly working on it, but other than asking for a serial number and an order number, they haven’t gotten back to me yet.
For me, the AC300 is a very unreliable system at the moment. I have a total of 2 AC300 units and both have the exact same problem. It is in my opinion in their software. My total of 4x B300 batteries are as separate units with no problem.
Have a nice day, Fr.

100% same here. I also had had 2x AC300s. One was echanged via guarantee. Both with the same problem. Now, i preordered an AC500. Hoping that they fixed the problem.

Regards Chris

Also wishing you a nice weekend.

@BLUETTI I am in Germany and have the 230 volt version. I am on my third AC300 for this issue. All replaced under warranty.

Nothing connected. No connection to house. No AC on. Just charging with 2 amps 500 watts. After a few hours complete shutdown.

Does the AC500 solve this known unfixed issue? Also does the AC500 work better with generators?

Hi Wuaster.
How do you charge the AC300 when you write that it is not connected to the house and at the same time you charge it with 2A (500W)?
After several attempts and great help of my electrician friend, I got rid of all the problems.
The European version of the AC300 (German 230V sockets) will work without problems if you follow the following steps.

  1. Physically disconnect all sockets (appliances) from the AC300.
  2. Disconnect the power cord socket from the house mains (charging cable ) which charges the AC300.
  3. Switch off the AC300 so that no green lights are illuminated on the AC300 or any of the connected B300s.
  4. Connect the AC300 to the house mains using the power cord provided.
  5. Connect the required appliances.
    The AC300 will operate without a problem.
    Error message 008 OCP will not appear and the AC300 will operate without problems if you do not disconnect the AC300 power cord from the electrical outlet.
    In the event that you disconnect the AC300 from the mains and then reconnect it without completely switching off the AC300, there is a 50% chance that the 008 OCP error message will reappear.
    This is due to the fact that the AC300 operates with a floating neutral wire, which is usually on the right in a German electrical house socket.
    The AC300 can change the neutral wire from right to left if it is not connected to the house mains. Therefore, if you reconnect the charging cable from the house electrical outlet to an already switched on AC300 you have a 50% chance of missing the right or left neutral wire currently in use and the AC300 will report a 008 OCP error code and will not work until the error message is cleared and rebooted (switched off and on).
    The German electrical outlet also unfortunately allows electrical appliances to be connected with both the neutral wire left and right.
    I hope I didn’t explain it too complicated.
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Hi @Wuastr , Is the problem you are referring to here the AC300 error 008 OCP? If you upgrade to the latest firmware and restart the machine, still report the error, you have to return to the factory for repairing. I also note that in other posts, you have communicated with our technical engineer Mike, you can contact him again for specific technical problems with the machine.
As a technical engineer, we believe he can answer your questions from a more professional perspective. Also, AC500 is of course also rechargeable with a gas generator.

Thanks for your kind cooperations and understanding.

Hello everyone.

I also have the same error 008 times, it runs for 2-3 days and sometimes I have this error 8-12 times a day where I have to press it away.

I will test the procedure as described above in the hope that it will work.

I also have the EU version.

@BLUETTI I keep getting the 008 error on the AC300 too. Even when the AC300 is not charging. I’ve already had it replaced once, but still the same problem.

If I don’t connect the AC300 to the mains it runs without any problems.

What can I do to stop getting this error?

I’ve tried as described above, but to no avail.

Have the EU version with the latest software

@MarcoGino , Sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask if your AC300 is connected to the distribution box?

@Bluetti I always get this error when I have connected the AC300 to the mains, it is not connected to a distribution box but directly to the mains with the associated plug.

If I don’t connect the AC300 to the mains then error 008 doesn’t appear.

But I would like that when the battery drops below 20%, my devices are then supplied from the normal mains via the AC300

Here in Germany there is nowhere to buy a distribution box.

Was mache ich nun?

@MarcoGino , If the error 008 is reported in the case of normal use, without connecting the distribution box nor the gasoline generator, then it may be necessary to contact the support department again for registration and return to the factory for repair.
We apologize again for the inconvenience caused. :sob:

@Franta Thanks Franta. When I wrote not connected to house I meant no outputs used. The AC inverter of the AC300 was selected off. I actually used an isolating transformer for the AC input at first, but it didn’t help. The AC input neutral was floating in that case. I will try for a Firmware upgrade which may help my gas generator issue not being accepted also.

@BLUETTI Hello Admin. Thanks for the response. As I am on my third unit for the same issue a return would most likely not help. It seems to be a design issue. It will run hours with no issues and then shut down with 0800 OCP error. In addition it will not accept easily a gas generator inverter input.
I will try and get the Firmware update and see what happens. Hopefully both issues can be resolved.