AC300 code 008 OCP errors

Hey, everybody.
After about 14 days of using the AC300 + 2x B300, the code 008 OCP errors started appearing irregularly.
It doesn’t matter if there is an appliance connected to the AC300 or not.
I have a total of 2 AC300 units and for both of them this error started to occur after about 2 weeks of use. The AC always disconnects when this error occurs. So it is not possible to use the whole AC300 + 2x B300 setup as a backup power supply.
Does anyone have a similar experience? How should I proceed? Should I return or replace both AC300 units?
Thank you for your answers.

Hi @Franta , Do you have access to the distribution box?
When the distribution box is installed, the N line (meaning the utility N line and the machine out N line) cannot be screwed together

Yes, you have access to the distribution box.
I can confirm that the N utility line is not connected to the N line of the machine.
I have a total of 2x AC300 + 2xB300 and both stations worked without problems (as UPS) for more than 14 days. Independently after 2 weeks of operation, both stations started reporting error 008 irregularly.

Sorry, I ment I have access to the distribution box.

Hi @Franta , Thank you for your confirmation.
AC300 can not be directly connected to the distribution box, you need to connect the sub panel and then connect to the distribution box. Given this 008 OCP error reporting issue, you will need to contact our support team via for further processing.

Thanks for your kind cooperations.

Thank you for your quick response.
I just don’t understand your answer.
The AS300 is not connected directly to the distribution box, but is connected to a standard European 230V single phase wall socket.
There is single line contact, neutral contact and earth contact.
Neutral contact and earth contact are separate from each other.
Thank you very much for any advice.

Verify the firmware version. My two AC300 are updated and are setup and operating in Split Phase mode for 240 VAC at 25 A (6 kW) for my whole home via a transfer switch. This afternoon my wife powered on our clothes dryer, the only appliance that pulls 30 A, and the setup did a shutdown with the 008 OCP code on the alarm display. I powered all down and did a restart, and all is working normally as I am typing this.

So call or write to Bluetti Service and explain your problem.