AC300 code 008 OCP errors

@Franta Hello Franta. I noticed the right left neutral issues back in Summer with my first unit. Reversal of the plug could result in immediate shutdown, feed in CB would open and 0800 OCP error code. I was very careful after the second unit replacement and even removed ground from neutral on outputs and completely isolated house neutral from AC300 output neutral using a 2 pole switch for each output. I also stopped simultaneous charging and outputting. Now it simply decides willy nilly to sometimes shutdown minutes or hours into charging cycle.
Today I go out for a Sunday drive with wife with full sun and extra PV current (3 amps or 700 watts) from Rooftop SMA inverter that I could use to charge my AC300 instead of selling to the grid @16 cents. The 4 dedicated modules on the carport were only putting out around 200 watts. They are shaded in winter. So with a total input of around 1000 watts the AC300 decides to throw in the towel and shut down after I left the house. The dreaded 0800 OCP over current protection fault. Third time since I put the THIRD AC300 into service. Two other AC300 already exchanged for same fault. I really hope that a new firmware update will fix both issues.


I got my AC300 this week and had already 4 times the 008 OCP error.
My ac300 ist connected to one B300 and was at a soc, when the errors occurred, round about 50% with a load of 300W
The AC300 was at that moment connected to the grid, but not loading.
The AC300 turned of the AC-Ports.
I deleted the error and activated the ac-outlet, the ac300 worked again.

What can I do? It is very annoying when your powerstation suddenly shuts off.

Hi, Tobias77.
What version of AC300 do you have? (EU, US, JP - respectively 110V or 230V)
What AS300 settings do you have?
What working mode?
Is it a Standard UPS, or Time Control UPS, PV Priority UPS or Cusome UPS?
If it’s not a Standard UPS, what other settings do you have?
No one can help you without this important information.
Take a photo of all the displays of your setup and share it.
Take care.

I have the EU-Version (230v).
These are my settinges:

Hi @tobias77 , Is the machine still working? Please remove all loads to see if it reports 008.

I removed all loads, rebooted the ac300 and it works again until the error comes again.

Hi @tobias77 , Thank you for the confirmation. Based on the fact that 008 keeps reporting errors, this will need to be returned to the factory for repair.
Please contact our support department via as soon as possible with the machine SN code and a description of the related error report, then register the information for further process.

I got my AC300 just 2 weeks ago and used it for just some days and now i shall send it in for repair? You can’t be serious. Is there the posibility to get a replacement? I don’t won’t to wait weeks to get my repaired ac300 back.

You’re right, Tobias77.
Don’t send anything anywhere!
Rather, try to push Bluetti support to fix the problem and possibly send you a new fully functional AC300 for replacement.
Bluetti has a problem with the EU AC300 models regarding AC charging with the so called floating zero wire.
And that has not been solved yet.
If you send them your AC for repair, you will get the exact same one back and the error will reappear after a few days.
I have a total of 2x AC300s (both EU models) and they both behave the same.
Due to the 008 error, they can’t be reliably used as 24/7 backup power supplies as they shut down AC Out when the 008 error is reported.
After several weeks of me trying to replace my 2x AC300s with new fully functional ones, Bluetti stopped communicating!
From a friend of mine who works for their UK subsidiary Poweroak, this problem has not yet been resolved by Bluetti and they are working on it.
If you only charge the AC300 from PV or other DC source, then the 008 errors will not appear. If you are going to charge the AC300 from AC, then you must first disconnect all appliances from the AC out (230V), completely switching off the AC300 (this will also switch off any connected B300s). Then first connect the charging cable to the AC 230V socket and finally switch on the AC300 and gradually plug all AC appliances back into it.
It’s crazy!!!

Hi, I understand with the German socket you have no definition of N and L being on which side of the normal Schuko plug. That means if you unplug the outlet and plug it in turned you change N and L. If you plug it into to an arbitrary wall socket you don’t know where N or L is.
That means if you don’t change the plug of the AC300 (don’t unplug it) or plug it in again on the same socket using the same orientation you should not get these described errors? It happens only if you plug it in and by change the N and L is reversed compared to when it was connected on power up.
Is this correct?

I am from Germany and can tell you this happens accidentally.

Yesterday in the night, i did not change anything. Than suddenly at minute 26:08 the error 008 OCP occurs.
It was 03:10 am in the night. We were all sleeping.

I recorded it. Take a look at my the video…


Picture of Error-Code 008 OCP:


I’m also from Germany and I have the same problem. What are you doing about it? I’m in contact with my dealer right now. The AC300 is not realy usable for me with this bug.

Im also in contact with the dealer. But i think, if they change the unit a second time, it will not help.

I ordered an AC500, which will be delivered by the end of this month.

Maybe that will help and im gonna sell the AC300 as works as designed on ebay.

Hey, Chris.
How many amps did you heave set on Max . Grid Input Current?
What was your Working Mode setting?
Was the battery charging active?
It is very strange that you were drawing approx 235 Watts from the grid and the battery did not charge any more than 66% while the draw on the AC Load was approx 65 Watts.
Can you increase the Max. Grid Input Current to at least 10 Amps?

Hi Franta,

i set it to 1A, because i did not want to waste so much solar capacity of the battery.

The error also occurs, if i leave it at 16A.

My working mode was “Standard UPS”. But it also happens in “PV Priority” for example.

But if we are talking about charging amps. What seems a litte strange for me.

If i set it to 1A, it is charging at 1Ax230v=230watts, which is okay.

If i set it to 16A, it is charging at ~3000watts, which is not okay because 16Ax230v=3680watts.

Hi, Chris.It doesn’t matter if you set Max. Grid Input Current to 16 A, because the AS300 can only charge up to a maximum of 3000 Watts. Which is a maximum of between 12-13 Amps. If you leave the Max. Grid Input Current to only 1A, then the AC300 probably won’t charge at all because all the power will be consumed by the AC Load ON (even at idle).
Grid Input Current to 16 A, because the AS300 can only charge up to a maximum of 3000 Watts. Which is a maximum of between 12-13 Amps. If you leave the Max. Grid Input Current to only 1A, then the AC300 probably won’t charge at all because all the power will be consumed by the AC Load on (even at idle).
As for the 008 error, we have to keep pushing Bluetti to do something about it. This error comes up once in a while and still no one knows exactly why. Unfortunately even after replacement (or repair) the error comes back again irregularly. I’m trying to figure out in what mode the error would not return. I’ve had 22 days so far without the 008 error.
I have 2x AC300 units to which I always have 2x B300’s plugged into. I just discovered that I can’t charge one AS300 plugged into the other AC300. Which up until a month ago was fine.

I reached out to Bluetti and they said I should contact my seller. 1 1/2 weeks ago I did so, they asked me some questions, but my seller seems to have no idea what to do. Is’s so frustrating.

Yesterday it got the information from my dealer, my AC300 is going to be replaced.

Do you still get the 008-errors? I updated to DSP 4036.05 an the last 3 days there was no error. That’s the longest period my ac300 ever worked without errors. I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or something changed.
Today a got a retour-label from my dealer, so i have to decide what to do :frowning:

Hello together,
I also have an AC300 that is tormenting me with Error 008.
I have not plugged it into the fuse box and the software was the latest at least last week.
Also the workflow described by Franta did not help, so no 24 hours without Error 008.
Bluette Service Germany responded quickly, although the answers were a bit confusing.
After a few rather frustrating emails, I was surprised to get the info that TNT was picking up the device.
After it arrived at Bluetti, I received a mail with a video in which the technician starts up the AC300 (only with battery !!!) and describes the device as OK, as then also the service.
On my multiple descriptions of how the error is traceable, I received no feedback.
Since I had already mentioned the exchange for an AC500 as an option in the initial complaint, this was granted to me for a (hefty) surcharge of €1599.
I hope that the AC500 comes before Christmas and has no errors!
What makes me particularly optimitisch is that the 32A output is not a Schuko plug but an adapter where N and L is fixed.
I give feedback when the AC500 is there and how high my frustration level is :-)