AC180P fan

Hi. So i’ve bought AC180P recently. I’ve not been using it much, but when i’ve started to it has fan working all the time at full speed. It does not matter how much load i’m using either 1500W to run a microwave, or 20W to power wi-fi hotspot, inbound fan speed stays the same. I thought that it has to do something with silent/standart/turbo charging modes even tho station had no input, but switching them didn’t help.
While charging if i switched charging mode to silent it disabled outbound fan, but inbound one was working like crazy.
I’ve also tried to factory reset settings, it didn’t help either.
Maybe it has to do something with surrounding temperature. In the evening yesterday i’ve had about 25-27 degrees Celsius in my apartments, during daytime it’s higher.
I’m constantly checked and no updates were available, so i’d gladly receive any explanations of this behavior.

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When the machine is powered on, the fan will spin for self-check.

It is recommended that you stop the machine from charging and discharging, turn it off, and place it in a cool place for three hours before turning it on again. See if the fan starts immediately when the machine is powered on. If not, the fan was previously activated due to high temperature.

@BLUETTI so i’ve tried your suggestion. There was a cooler day, i placed power station to the coolest place in the flat. The station was about 24 degrees Celsius and was disconnected from grid and AC consumers about 9-10 hours, i just don`t have cool place to let it stay there. (unless i put ice on it lol)
Got first “turn on” filmed. Please check the video via the link.

@Sungetche If the sound is abnormal under normal temperature, without load or charging, it is recommended that you contact after-sales support for repair.