AC180 Excessive fan speed and noise while powering small loads

The fan is not only noisy, it turns on and runs at excessive speeds relative to the small amount of power being drawn.
Today I had a small DC freezer plugged into it drawing a total of only 55 watts from the AC180. The fan was running continuously for 2-3 hours at a high rate and creating a lot of noise. It was about the same fan speed as when it is AC charging on standard mode at 1000 watts, which is pretty loud. It makes roughly the same amount of noise as the fan from my portable induction cooktop running at 1050 watts. But this is the AC180 powering just 55 watts here. The air temperature was about 80 degrees near the ground where the AC180 was placed, and there was even a small room fan blowing in its direction from it 3 feet away. I placed my hand in front of the AC180’s vent several times during those 2-3 hours and it was always just blowing out cool air. I tried turning the unit off and on a few times with no change.
I finally decided to move the AC180 outside where it was only about 3-5 degrees cooler, and after a few minutes the fan stopped completely. It didn’t even go into low mode, it just stopped and hasn’t turned back on for several hours because it was unnecessary to begin with.
Bluetti,please fix this issue with firmware. Maybe program more intelligent fan speeds relative to the unit’s operating temperature. Several more in-between fan speeds would help too. I’ve only noticed my unit run at 3 different fan speeds, which is about the same as what I hear when charging in Max, Standard, and Silent mode. I’ll refer to them as high, medium, and low fan speeds. Low is ok, but noticeable and not silent. Medium is much louder and draws a lot of attention, and high sounds like I’m using a blow dryer.
Not only does the AC180’s fan noise draw a lot of unwieldy attention, especially at night, it’s distracting, ruins the mood in a quiet environment, and is probably drawing more power than necessary to run it.

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@bluetti_ray_rey99hotmailcom Have you done any of the firmware updates yet? They have released some that have helped with the excessive fan noise substantially.

@bluetti_ray_rey99hotmailcom Yes, You can refer to Mike’s reply. If you haven’t done a firmware update yet, please provide me with your machine’s SN code and I’ll have an engineer push it to you.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t aware that there was a firmware update available for this issue

Do I post the SN publicly on here, or should I send it by email? The email notification I received says to reply here.

BTW, how do I post on here using my selected user name that I’ve set in the app? On my end I see my posts appear under “bluetti” + my email.

You can reply to me directly here with your SN number :)

Here it is: AC1802316002205046

SN code received. The engineer replied: based on the fan problem, R&D is testing a new version, and it will be fully pushed after the test is completed in a few days.
Thanks for your kind cooperations, thank you!

Any updates available?