AC180 does not allow standard and turbo charge from generator

@Bright I will help you with tonight’s test. I would like to try charging in silent mode. Charging is not possible in turbo mode. I was able to charge the battery in silent mode and standard mode.

It is video.

@jack893 Thank you very much for your help. If it is convenient, can you help charge the AC180 with the generator in turbo mode and take a video?

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@Bright The generator is a sample machine from a company that cannot be released to the public, but we can cooperate with you to test it in turbo mode.

@Bright There is no problem with PV input for now. I’ll continue testing. Waiting for a firmware push that allows 350w charging in silent mode.

@Bright A PV input problem occurred during the day. If you continue to input low power for a long time, the low power input will be fixed at the maximum input. The last time this problem occurred was on a cloudy day.
When I was exposed to heavy cloudy weather for a long time and it suddenly cleared up, AC180 input low power when 100w seems to be output.

@jack893 About this problem, your current firmware version has already been optimized. Please continue testing, and if there are still problems, please let me know. Thank you.

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@Bright Is there any new firmware?

@jack893 There is no new firmware for the time being. Has there been any improvement regarding the issue of “the low power input will be fixed at the maximum input”?

@Bright That problem still exists. The weather is nice today, so no problems have occurred.

@bright Can the Bluetti T400 AC adapter charge at AC180?

@jack893 Yes. T400 AC adapter can charge at AC180

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@Bright Today is a heavy cloudy day. PV input has been fixed at maximum 6w. I unplugged the PV plug and reconnected it.

@jack893 Pushed, there are two updates, the first is to adjust the charging power of the silent mode to 350W, and the second is to optimize the PV charging power on heavy cloudy days

@Bright It was a cloudy day yesterday. No problems have occurred. There’s another problem. When a shadow forms on the solar panel, the input power will drop smoothly. When the shadow disappears, the input power will sometimes rise very slowly. Is it possible to increase the input power smoothly?

@Bright No problem with cloudy days. I didn’t have much of an issue with the wattage creeping up. There’s another problem. I want to output AC using only battery power when charging with AC using a generator. This will prevent the generator from stopping. I want to prevent passthrough only when grid adaptation mode is on and silent mode is on.

@Bright Is there new firmware?

@jack893 I’m very sorry, but there are no new firmware updates available at the moment.

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@Bright I want to adjust the AC charging power from 350W to 300W. Can you do it?

What if the firmware offered variable charging rates every 50 watts instead of fixed points? Other mfgs. have this as an app option and it would be more helpful for a variety of users.


Why 50W? why not just a text filed to enter an arbitrary number.