Wiring WEIPU SA20 2pin Aviation Plug

Hello All,

As I’ve seen several others do, I’ve ordered the WEIPU SA20 connector and intend to solder the wires leading to my 12V fusebox to it.

Inspecting the port on the 12V/25A plug on the AC200P itself, I see that one pin is labeled 1 and the other is labeled 2. Pin 1 is on top and has a red dot above it. Pin 2 is on the bottom and has a silver dot below it. Am I correct in assuming that the top pin (1/red) is positive and the bottom pin (2/silver) is negative?

This will obviously matter when I go to connect it to my fusebox and therefore my 12v devices.


Don’t assume anything. Take your meter and verify the polarity of the connections coming out of your Bluetti.

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Good point. I will do so.

What did you discover? Is pin 1 positive?

I did find out! I was correct. Completed cable wired to my 12V fusebox below -

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Which pin was positive and negative coming out of the AC200 then? A picture of both the aviation output port on the AC200 and the Aviation cable you wired with pins and polarity would be helpful for those who need to do the same as you.

Pin 1 was positive and pin 2 was negative on the AC200P. So, that is how I wired it on the purchased plug. There is a red dot on both the AC200P and purchased plug that makes it easy to figure out.


Thank you for taking the time to post the pics. Very useful information!

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Thank you so much for posting this information and pictures. I was stuck with everything ready to go and unsure about what wires to solder. I’m including a few of my Waipu SA20 wiring photos installed on 10awg wires too. I also included an atc/ato inline fuse on the positive wire for extra safety.



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You’ve got it! I have, unfortunately, been rather unavailable lately due to a new position at work that has me putting in 10+ hour days every day, a new baby, and lots of work around the house.

I’ve gotten a little use out of my AC200P but plan on doing much more with it over the next six months as I finish building out the converted van it was originally intended to power. Will undoubtedly be updating this board with new questions and discoveries as I work through it.

In slightly related news, I live in an ancient farm house on an island that has not been updated (in any way) in at least 30 years. Recently had some power issues and when I went down to the basement to investigate, discovered that the electric has likely not been updated in even longer… Fuse box from the 50s attached to a breaker box that is not much newer and everything is rusted with several 240V breakers that will undoubtedly need to be replaced. Given no electrician would work on it without rewiring the entire house, I don’t own the house, and I’m not going to dump $10k+ to get it done (plus transportation and time to go to and from the island on the ferry), I’m likely going to be engaged in that electrical/power work slowly and carefully for the next month. Until then, no AC in the middle of summer, no dryer (so hanging all of our clothes), and no hot water…

Best of luck to you with your electrical endeavors and I hope you have a great summer!

Great soldering job. I wish Bluetti would offer a factory made cable with 10 ga. wire terminating in ring terminals like you made. I enjoy making my own cables but I am sure there are plenty that do not want to or do not have the equipment to do so.