Wifi Connection lost

Hi there, have a problem with WiFi connectivity between AC300 and my 2,4 Ghz network.
After a few minutes the device disconnected itself and didn’t find back to the net. Only Bluetooth is possible.
A separate range extension for only 2,4 Ghz is installed and I can see the AC300 as a client when connected. Has anyone found a workaround to keep the AC300 permanently online to check the system from outside home?

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I don’t know if this is the same problem as you are having, but on my iPhone, I find every time I exit the app and return to it, it won’t reconnect via Wifi. But if I force-quit the app (restart it), then it connects again. Works everytime.

In my case the AC300 disconnected itself and didn’t reconnect. In the app pops up the message that the AC300 is not connected to my network and over the screen in the device you can see the wifi status as on but not connected. Seemingly the AC300 shuts down the connection after some time after restart in the morning when the solar pannels activated the system and cuts off for powersaving reasons and keeps this for the rest of the day.

I don’t believe that there is a power save setting for the wifi, or at least mine has never disconnected from the wifi network. My first thought is that the signal is too weak at the unit and it drops. On the other hand, I have had it happen that the AC300 connected to my wifi network, but not to the Bluetti servers. In that case I could not access via the app, but the AC300 showed that it was connected via wifi. I also could see the AC300 on my network. I had to turn the wifi off and back on again, after which it connected to both.

All, I think the WiFi issue has something to do with NAT loopback / port forwarding. If you have two devices on the same network, you’ll likely have the intermittent connection problems described. Try this, set up your AC300 to connect to WiFi, then turn off WiFi on your cell phone and connect to your normal cell service. Then open the Bluetti App and try to connect to the AC300 (don’t click the Bluetooth icon). You will likely have WiFi connection now to the AC300 (which is connected through the Bluetti cloud). This behavior is consistent with NAT loopback problems, and can be fixed by port forwarding or manual configuration of NAT loopback in your router’s settings. So, I think we need to find out what port to forward, and it will fix the LAN WiFi problems.

Same problem ac300 drops wifi. Wondering what else is defective wit ac300.

Same for me. It’s a bit of a pain but at least it works. Force quit, then relaunch the app.

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Same Problem by me Ac300 +2×B300

@broker Sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask if the WIFI problem is now solved?

No this is still the same.

You can try to activate “Allow to selfconfigure Portforwarding” or “Exposed Host” to see if the problem is really related to anything like a firewall block

Could you tell which Wifi Extender you use and how you configure it?

Best would be, if you use 2.4 Ghz only because of its better range and try activate different Wifi Standards like b/g/n/ac etc. Maybe its wifi Module just work with some of theese without interrupts

It is still te same. i have to disable WI-FI and enable it on As300 and then it works for some hours

I’am using a Fritz.box 7590 and Guest wifi with a short Pw

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@Robert May I know the firmware version and the SN of your AC300, then I can check wth the tech team?

I am have the same issue. I have two AC300 units. Only one is consistent with internet connection. The second unit is always offline no mater what I do. Every now and then it will connect but drops out soon after the connection. It has been an issue from day one. Any suggestions???

Current Version: v0
Current Version: v0
Current Version: v0
The above is what’s listed under Version
When in About Device there is no Serial Number, Communication Board SN, no Network Statue, Not connected

R Thomas

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@Rthomas18 The AC300 may be defective. Please contact the after-sale service for an exchange.

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here the informations

Serienum. 2222000458220
Communication. 2220000886009
IOT 9014,12
ARM 4037,05
DSP 4036,07
BMS 1021,06

Thanks for Support

@broker Thank you for your information. The tech team will send the software update in 12 hrs, then you can try to upgrade it.