Where to Buy AC200P Aviation Input to XT90

Hi Everyone,

I just bought an AC200P on eBay. Unfortunately, I was thinking that the Aviation Input to XT90 cable would come with the unit, but it didn’t. Bluetti’s website seems to only have the aviation Output cable.

Does anyone know where to get the Aviation Input cable, so I can charge with Solar? I have only seen then on solarpowersupply.eu, and it look like they don’t ship to the United States. I reached out to sale@Bluetti.com (2 times I believe, once through their portal and now I manual sent an email), but I haven’t been responded to yet. If I get a response, I will update this post.

Thank you everyone!

The aviation to XT90 cable is the input cable and comes with the AC200 unit. If you ordered a used unit it must have had the cable removed as it is a std. component that is included with all Bluetti AC200 products.

Here is a link to the post where I made my own Aviation input cable.

Thank you Scott-Benson! I feel better knowing I can at least working something together.

heya 2, I was in the same boat as you, I didn’t get the entire bag of cable stuff. Bluetti dropped my request to provide it like they should have in the first place like a hot potato. They told me that I would have to purchase it. Not at a discount. No, no, no at full price. They told me to provide the sale number, I did. They told me to provide pictures of the unit and s/n, I did. Then crickets. So, I ordered the aviation plug from China to make my own. So, you may wanna think about that route if you want to use that cable. Doesn’t look too complicated.

hello me, I got the plug from China and had the cable and xt90 already. I had it made along with the SLA battery clamps cable in roughly 10 minutes and that was with a 9 minute break. Very, very easy and looks and functions beautifully.

It’s pathetic that Bluetti won’t just provide customer service and sell the cable when requested.

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Completely agree with the person about Customer Service.
I cannot see how Bluetti will have a long future as I for one will not buy againor recommend this company at all, so a business that only has one time only customers is surely going to struggle. Ecoflow and jackerys customer service is FAR better and their products are very good also.