what is latest firmware for ep500pro?

What is the latest firmware for ep500pro? i am currently on v2.1.2 on all 4 of my ep500pro machines. How do I update that? where do I find the file and how to do the install? all my machines are connected on my wifi via the phone app.


v2.1.2 is the version of BLUETTI APP.
If you want to look up your machine’s firmware version and check for available updates, you can refer to the following (same for EP500PRO)

Hi @camaroncito

My EP500Pro have the following Versions:

IoT: v9041.03
ARM: v4039.05
DSP: v4038.07
BMS: v1020.01

Hope this helps


hi admin … thank you for your response but it doesn’t help me understand where to find that information. i have the app installed and can see the two devices i have added to the app, but they give only serial number and communication board number.

hi @selfmadestrom,

thank you so much for trying to help … but where do i find that information? it is not on the panel settings data on the machine, and on the app i see only the serial number (EP500P2143000079974) and the communication board number (IoT2142001684029). i have sent that to the tech group for one of my machines and they said they would try to “push” an update to me. once i understand better what i am doing and that this fix works, i will do the rest of my machines. i have four total ep500pro and six ac200p installed for 13 months now and have never done any kinds of update before because i didn’t realize i needed to :-). i feel quite ignorant in this, so am very thankful for this community!!!

I was able to do my first firmware update and after that, just like you, only the About Device (and user manual) was displayed.
A restart of the Bluetti app made the Firmware Upgrade option available again.
The Firmware Upgrade option shows the info SelfMadeStrom mentioned.

Hey @camaroncito

You can update and see the firmware version in the Bluetti App. You need to connect your Phone via Bluetooth to the EP500Pro. After you click on your Ep500Pro in the App. you can click on “settings”, there should be a option to see and update your firmware