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If you’re already an owner of BLUETTI products, feel free to share any thoughts on the products with us.

Don’t own any BLUETTI yet? Not a problem at all. The objective of this discussion forum would be to discuss anything you want to know about lithium battery power stations, solar panels, camping, van-life, or other forms of off-grid living.

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I’m interested in seeing if/how others are mounting their Bluetti solar panels in a semi-permanent setup. I’ve got six panels I want to mount on some kind of stand, vertically, hanging from the grommets and set at an adjustable 45° angle.

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When I get my other two, I’ll post

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Why can’t the AC50S be placed in direct sunlight? The answer will probably help me with placement of the unit outside.

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Extreme Heat and Cold temps are a batteries enemy. Plus the screen could possibly get shot if exposed to direct sun for too long. Just like a cell phone or any other appliance really. With the ac50 you could almost just place the unit behind your solar panels for protection tho! Here’s a sample of my eb70 charging up!!


Thanks, Mike, for answering a newbie question. The picture is very helpful also.


I am a brand new member of this community because I plan to buy a Bluetti AC300 system. I am a retired Electrical Engineer, having worked with almost all forms of electrical power and storage, including all types of electronics from vacuum tubes in the 1950s and transistor computers in the 1970s to IBM mainframes, HP and Sun midframes, most personal minicomputers, and the latest micro and nano processors such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I have also worked with every type of serial communication systems from the Telegraph with Teletype terminals (and punched paper tape) to the first RS232C terminals and the latest WiFi equipment. So I have a vast experience which I may use to answer questions for others. I wonder if your “discobot” has a Bluetti power station as a backup.


Welcome to the forum @Raymondjram ! Nice to have someone around with the experience such as yourself! I’ll def keep that in mind and might pick your brain a bit! Haha I’m a newbie when it comes to this kind of stuff but am having a blast learning day by day!! Cheers! :metal:

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You are welcome to ask me questions as I will be asking, too. As for starters, where can I read the opertion or user guide or manual for the new AC300 Power Station?

@Raymondjram here ya go kind sir!!


Thank you very much! I browsed the manual and found that it complies with what I need for a 230/240 VAC backup or UPS for my home. My need will be a twin AC300/B300 setup and the Fusion Box. I have to read more in detail to check if I need more cabling and special connectors for my installation. If I can do it, I may try to simplify the manual a bit much later and post it in the community forums.


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Have you looked into the EP500/EP500PRO at all @Raymondjram ?? This is the “go-to” unit if you’re looking for truly a home-backup option man! Check it out here… :+1:


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Yes I have read about it. I prefer the modularity and compactness of the AC300, as it will be placed in an external storage unit near my gas generator where my transfer switch is. I am considering the EP500 for my mother in law as an indoor unit since it has wheels.

I have a question. What is a dicobot?


Dear sirs

Yesterday I received the BLUETTI POWEROAK AC200P 2000WH / 2000W SOLAR PORTABLE POWER STATION but not the solar panels.

I tried to contact you by phone or mail with no answer. Please could you confirm if it is a mistake or if there is another shipping coming ?

Thanks coop and regards

The panels will be in a separate shipment. I believe Bluetti is on a national Holiday until Friday but contacting them via e-mail or phone is your best option.

I really don’t know how to participate in this group. Anyway here’s my issue:

I have a BougeRV 100 watt foldable panel. It fits into a round hole in the BougeRV battery. When I put into the same round hole in the Bluetti EB55 it won’t charge. There’s also a yellow rectangle like hole. I can reverse the connector and fit that one in but still no charge. What can I do? I have 5 of these panels which BougeRV says fit into most systems. Now they only will work on the one BougeRV system. Is there some connector that will help me?

The problem is that you are connecting the solar panel to the wrong port. The round port you are connecting to is only for the AC power brick. The solar input port is the yellow “rectangle” you mention. This connection is called an XT60 connector. You will need an 8mm female to MC4 connector and then you you can connect the MX4 to XT60 cable that was supplied with your EB55 and connect the yellow end of that to your EB55.

Great, just what I needed. I may have some of those connectors and will need to maybe get one.


So how do I connect two of these BougeRV panels in series? This would not work for the EB55 but can be helpful for other solar batteries. Their basic connection works great for a parallel connection but that’s all.