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You will need to get the current connector adapted to MC4 connections first and then the MC4 connections can be attached in series.

Thanks I’ll have to figure out how to do that.

OK I found MC4 to XT60 adapters on the internet and it seems easy to use them to connect panels in series. I’m buying one of them just to have it for now.

Received Ac200p for Christmas and it had a 31 code. Charged fine but in 10 hrs used 50% with the ac button on nothing attached and the dc button with 12v refrigerator. This is my 3rd bluetti I have the eb 50 and eb150. It has been 28 degrees in my van. I am a van dweller. It got warmer and then cold again. I woke up at 4am to find it had discharged down to 2%. It had 32% at midnight. No ac button on and just the fridge. Shut it off. I did not have this problem with the 150. My son thought the with 2000w I could run my heater. Looking at data it’s using 31.5 w for dc with nothing attached and 120w on ac with nothing attached. What’s wrong with this bluetti. Why in 6 hrs did it use 600 watts on dc. Very dissatisfied there is a problem. Can anyone give me information

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The issue is most likely the cold temps you are attempting to operate the unit with.

Well then the unit is worthless to me. And when people have a crisis in winter then this has no value. And what about the Sept code 31. Did we get a used product. No trolley. I love my other bluetti’s. No problems like this. This is not what it was sold to be. Their should be a warning “no good in cold weather”.

There is a warning — it’s called “operating temperature 32-104F” in the specifications. By the way, NO LFP chemistry likes subfreezing conditions, especially not charging.


Thank you. Again if you’re in winter conditions then this is not the product for me. I misunderstood. I understood it to be the charging that would not work not the whole system.

Why exactly do you think you should have received a trolly when it has never been offered for sale retail?

I got a question!
I want to test my new Bluetti AC 200 max MPPT controller
This is why:
When I test my various solar panels with my multimeter for voltage and amps I get good readings
When I plug the solar panel into the solar charging port, I lose at least 50% of the power!
To get 900 watts into this unit I will need about 1600 watts!!!
Do you know of a way to test the MPPT controller or reset it or fix it?