Van Wiring Questions

Looking to wire my AC200P into my van. Are there options to connect the 12DC outlets to a fuse box? Looks like the part I need is out of stock. Do we know what amps the fuse is for the 120v outlets? Also, curious if I can run a 120v extension to an outlet from the Bluetti in the same channel as the DC wire or if I need to increase the wire size? Can I run wires for the solar in the same channel as the other wires or will there be too much load/heat?

Any insight is helpful?

If anyone already has a layout for this, that would be great too!


Check out this topic on this site for answers on how to connect the AC200 to a fuse block in your van… Accessories Delivered But How to use 12V/25A Cable?

There is no fuse for the 120 Volt circuits but there is an automatic overload circuit breaker in the AC200 itself. The AC power limit is 2000 watts at 120 VAC which would be approx. 17 amps. If you were installing an AC breaker in the Van, a 20 amp breaker would be appropriate.

Not sure what you mean by running the AC in the same channel as the DC wire but if you are asking if you can run both AC and DC inside of the same conduit (Tube) then yes you can. You can run all the wires in the same conduit as long as you have a large enough conduit diameter to accept all the wires. The reality is that almost all of your cables and wires will be DC so if you wanted to seperate them it would not be hard. and two separate conduits would be easier to work with.

Thanks, super helpful! Do I need to increase wire sizes or insulation if I run my solar wire in the same conduit/loom?

I am thinking about adding a surge protection outlet, but doesn’t sound like I need that, just a wire that is big enough to handle 20 amps for about 15 feet. I was just going to cut off an extension cord and wire an outlet to the end. Most extension cords are 15 amps, so might need to find a bigger one, or add protection at the outlet for the cord.

Look for an extension cord that is 12 ga wire and black rubber (SJ cord) insulation. That will give you all the power transfer you need. Nothing special you need to do for wire size or insulation other than that. When you buy your outlet, pick a commercial grade 20 amp outlet as well.


Again, Scott…I think you are wrong…Shera…I think you are wanting to connect to the WEIPU SA20 Series (2pin) female OUTPUT plug (this is the reverse of the PV input plug). The link to buy the plug is below…It has both the male and female portions, you need only half of it. You will have to Solder your red and black wires to the plug…I still trying to figure out which pin (1 or 2) is wired as Positive from Bluetti, and which is negative. I think that getting the polarity correct is VERY important.

Trrp…not sure what I am wrong about on this one. Op asked the question how to connect to the AC 200 to the van. I gave a link with several options on connecting the Aviation cable to a fuse block. No need to solder anything. The other question involved the feasibility to run the AC and DC cords in the same conduit. Was there some other issue that I am missing or you want to elaborate what specifically is wrong in the posts?