Accessories Delivered But How to use 12V/25A Cable?

Hey everyone I just got my accessories cables. Only took a month to come so pretty quick! Ordered from the indiegogo site. However I don’t know how to use the 12v/25A aviation cable. I’m doing a van conversion so want to hook this up to a Blue Sea fuse box. Is there something I can buy that connects to it? Pics below.

By the way I love my AC200! The things a beast!

You need to terminate the input of your fuse box with either an anderson connector an XT60 connector to match the ends of the Aviation cable supplied. You can also use an XT60 extension cable if you need extra length.


Thanks Scott! From what I found there are some connectors for example with the XT60 male to connect to the aviation cable with the other wire end with no plug just the positive and negative wire ends to connect to the fuse box. However the wires are quite short and I’m not sure if the gauge wire is good enough as they are 12-14 AWG. I was originally going to use 4 AWG wires to hook up to a regular AGM battery but now that I got the Bluetti prefer to hook It up instead. Anyone done it yet? I’m surprised I can’t find much info on this for those with DIY builds. If you done it please let me know and pics would be nice!

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I would be interested in that also.

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All you need to do is get something like this cable. Attach the anderson (Could also be anXT60 end and not even use the anderson cable part) connection end to the Aviation output cable that you got with your AC200. The other end of this cable with ring terminal ends can be connected to a fuse block mounted at a place of your choosing. All the wires from the accessories you want to run would then connect to the fuse block circuits. For example…all the lights to one fuse, the fan to another fuse, the water pump to another fuse, 12 volt / usb outlets to another fuse, heater blower, fridge etc. 12 ga. wire should be plenty since the maximum wattage you can use is 25 amps and most likely you would not use all at the same time.

If you wanted a short quick disconnect attached to the fuse block, this unit would work. Then you can get an easily available anderson extension cable to whatever length you needed to reach the AC200

Alternatively if you wanted to not use anderson connections, you could take one of these cables, cut off the unneeded end and crimp or solder on a pair of ring terminals. Those ring terminals could then be attached directly to your fuse block. This would give your fuse block a short 10 Ga. XT60 connector and all you would have to do is build an XT60 extension cable to whatever length you needed to connect your fuse block to the aviation output cable on your AC200. This would eliminate the anderson connections and cable and stay with just the XT60 connector format.

These are connectors designed to mount an XT60 socket in a metal panel. They could be used to have a socket in the van you would attach your aviation cable to. The other end of the mounted socket would then connect to your fuse block.


Wow Scott thanks for posting all these options I totally appreciate it! I love the first 2 options you noted. I prefer not having to modify anything on my own as I just don’t trust myself when it comes to these electrical components. Thanks again I’ll look into these.

Anyone that has done it feel free to post. Would love to see pics of how others setup their DIY!

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Any idea when these plugs will be available on your site?

I’ve ordered the Ac200P for my van conversion. I was told that the cables would be back in stock mid February. Any updates?

They are starting to trickle in. I just received my delayed 12v/25a Aviation order 2 days ago. So I think they are filling delayed backorders before they put them back up for sale.

I too am looking to power my camper van with the Bluetti. I plan to use a Victron dc to dc charger with the Bluetooth app. Freida at Bluetti customer support says mid April for Aviation cable using this link if interested… 12V/25A Aviation Plug – Bluetti


“Attach the anderson (Could also be anXT60 end and not even use the anderson cable part) connection end to the Aviation output cable that you got with your AC200.”

Confused…my AC200P’s Aviation output plug is female as is the DC Output 12v/25a. So this approach will not work, right?

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The aviation cable you received with your AC200 is an input cable to be used for charging. The other aviation cable is an accessory cable not included with the AC200 and must be purchased separately. This accessory cable connects to the front side of the ac200 and will be the correct gender. The input only fits one connection and the output only fits one connection (accessory cable). The owners manual shows the accessory cable and you can also view it on under the accessories section


Thanks. Got it. It’s all starting to make sense.

@KKS you could always make a cable to accommodate your needs by purchasing the correct 2-pin aviation cable via Amazon/eBay or something. Just make sure you’re getting the “WEIPU SA20 aviation connector”. And make sure it’s the male vs female one you want. The one I purchased came with both.

Here’s a link to one I just found on eBay…

WEIPU SA20 Series Connector 2 pin LED Power Signal Industrial Equipment Plug 25A | eBay

I’m also using a Bluetti AC200P in a camper van that already has lights/ceiling fan connected to the vehicle battery using a fuse block. I would like to add an A/B battery switch to switch power source between vehicle battery and Bluetti 12v out. I need to connect the Bluetti 12 volt out to the vehicle chassis ground (and switch only the +12v). Has anyone done this? Are all the Bluetti DC out negative connections and AC out grounds common internal to the Bluetti, or are all floating from each other? Thanks.

The DC negative and AC floating grounds are completely separate. You just need to work with the 12 volt 25 amp output connection of cable


Hi Scott I just posted questions about this and just realized the topic right here so I thought I’d reply to you since you gave some good information.
Please excuse my ignorance on the subject. I have the AC200MAX and I’d like to use the aviation port to the fuse block. I just received the RV cable and the plan is to ditch the second cable with the Anderson connector and use a XT60 with terminals that will go to the fuse block. Seems to make sense to take advantage of the full 30A that the aviation port provides so would a 10 AWG XT60 cable be best?

And does it need to have an in-line fuse wired before the terminal? If so, what amperage fuse would I need? Thank you

Your concept is spot on with connecting the XT60 directly to the fuse block. If you add a fuse, I would go with a 50 amp resettable circuit breaker . If you exceed the 30 amp draw from the bluetti, it will automatically trip off and need to reset. The 50 amp breaker would be additional protection and should not trip unless you experienced a short.

I’m somewhat new to all this and not very knowledgeable and honestly struggle with wrapping my head around how it all works. I can get away with some simple soldering but that’s about it and not sure how a circuit breaker would be installed. I noticed a YouTuber using an in-line fuse and that’s why I asked. I’m just looking for the easiest way to get it done correctly without damaging the bluetti. Curious why a fuse or circuit breaker was not brought up with the other users in this post when suggesting the different ways to wire the fuse box?

Edit: I just went back and noticed actually you did suggest that Anderson cable with an in-line fuse holder. So would a fuse work the same as a circuit breaker?