Using EB70 for 1 week and now got the Short Alert

I connected in fully charged EB70 a lamp on 15W and then recieve the Short Alert and now it didnt react on any my buttons click, without charging the display didnt work. When it charged the buttons also didnt work and the AC adapter lights green and on display no input W. What i need to do in this situation?
I have the same problem like him Bluetti EB70S “Short” - YouTube


@taf1kkk Welcome to the forum! If your unit displays an error code, you’ll need to turn off the outputs to get it to “reset”. So try turning off your AC output, then turn it back on, and then try turning on your loads. As far as the charging goes, if the AC wall brick is showing a green light, that means the unit is fully charged. It should show a red light when the unit is charging.

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@m.briney I do this all but can you watch this video i have the same Bluetti EB70S “Short” - YouTube

I sent the mail to support bluetti and dont recieve any answer can you tell me my plans how to return it to you and get the new one or refund money, because i live in Ukraine and this station need me every day. I bought it especially to have some charger for my phones and pc but its broke down after 1 week. My number of ORDER SPF-EU-11860

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@taf1kkk Ahh alright. I watched the video and yea it appears you might have a problem with your internal BMS. You’ll need to email and they will probably ask you a few questions to try and diagnose it. But I am guessing that you’ll need to get this replaced. @BLUETTI will get you taken care of but shoot them an email and they will get back to you within 48 hours or so.

i belive that it will be very fast because it very need it to me

@taf1kkk if you emailed them, they should get back to you within 48 hours or so. Please let me know if they don’t in the next couple days and I’ll see what I can do to expedite things.

@BLUETTI please advise. Thanks!

Maybe you know if i bought this eb70 in europe and now im in Ukraine can i sent it from Ukraine to Bluetti for exchange on new one or refund?

@taf1kkk thats something you’ll have to take up with the support team and @BLUETTI

Hi @taf1kkk , If you are currently in Ukraine and would like to return or exchange your machine. This procedure is relatively cumbersome. You will need to contact our European order support department in person at for follow-up solutions.

My guess is to keep the Power Station charging without touching any button for at least 12 hours!
The Display sometimes shows wrong values- especially the % of load!
All the best to you

They dont answer me for 2 days, and i have the opportunity to deliver this eb70 to estonia and maybe from there it will be more easily to return?

What can I do if your support ignores emails for a week? Do you have a suggestion?

no answer for 2 days can you speed up it

As @BLUETTI responded, your best bet will be to reach out to for direct support for your region.

they are not answer me on email for 2 days what i need to do to get this answer you told me that if they are not answer me for 48h. i can tell you and you can do something.

@taf1kkk you emailed them at the correct “” email account 2 days ago?? They replied on here yesterday so I am sure they are aware of the issues, but maybe give them another email, explaining that you reached out 2 days ago and are just making sure that they received it.

i sent one more email, but why if they saw my email dont answer me this station is very need it to me every day we have blackout and we havent light for charging our phones this i I ask you to somehow speed up or somehow ask support to solve this problem as soon as possible, because every day the situation with electricity in my country is getting worse and worse and I really need the station

@taf1kkk I understand the situation and apologize for the delay. Be assured that @BLUETTI will come thru with the support you need and get you taken care of. :)

I can reach out as well but they will need that email “paper trail” to be able to assist you most effectively and promptly.

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We can very much understand your eagerness.
But we are really sorry. Due to the overload of incoming emails every day and the shortage of our support staff, we are unable to reply to you in time. We have urged our customer service colleagues to handle your email as soon as possible.

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