Undecided between AC200 or 300

Have not purchased yet but close.
Toss up for AC200 or AC300. Everything AC200 is currently on sale but not the one I prefer the AC300.
The biggest concern is power outages and when power out cell phone antennae out also so were blind and have no communications
Need some avice

Knowing the following will make it easier for folks to provide this input.

How often does the power goes out and for how long? Do you plan to recharge this with solar panels?

What do you want to run with the AC200Max/300 when the power goes out?

I bought the AC200Max because it has the 2200 watt battery built in. The AC300, you need to move two units around because the battery is separate.

The AC300 can be combined with the P030A Fusion box and a second AC300 for 240 VAC and each AC300 can handle up to four B300 3 kWh batteries for up to 24 kWh of energy. That can manage many hours of power during an outsge. You can start with just one AC300 and one B300 then buy more later.

Loosing power for short and long periods is a concern due to weather. In 2 years here we have lost power 6 times of more than a 1 hour.
Refrigerator 120VAC, 2.1 A
Freezer 120VAC 3.5 A (5.5 cf)
Cell booster and WIFI, both US Cellular 30 watts each. Would have to travel 3 miles for cell phone service no land line.
Last house I installed my own 1.2 kw pv system and 2 other systems of similar size for other people. I like the solar generator containing the charge controller and inverter in the same box so I’m looking for a UPS that can expand into more house power supply if we decide to do so.
Average daily power use is 12KW

Buy yourself one of the tools to measure your use over time for each item… That way you can really know how much energy your stuff uses over time. Obviously if conditions change you need to retest. an AC unit will use more energy in August than it will in February. Then you decide what you want to power, and for how long. you can adjust them manually or automatically. I.e. power your ac with the AC200Max for an hour then shut it off manually. Once you know your needs for your gadgets, over a time period, you can better guess, and manage, your power solution.

If your average power use is 12kwh a day, then getting that much from solar would be a challenge for both the AC200Max or AC300.

The AC200Max’s 2000w is more than enough power for your use and is more portable should you want to take it traveling. The extra wattage of the AC300 will sort of be a burden as it consumes more power at idle. But the AC300 has more solar charging capability and is more expandable to also include 240v if you choose to.

In my opinion…
Short term (<3hr) backup power, AC200Max. 2kwh would last you about 3 hours at your use rate.
If you want all day backup, then add a B230 and 3x 300-350W solar panels. This will let you run indefinitely when the sun is shinning bright and about 6-7 hours when it is dark.
To go usually off grid, you would want the AC300 plus 4xB300 and load up with 6 (maybe more if it is often cloudy) of the above mentioned panels. Not worth it if you have a grid.

The daily wattage includes a pellet stove and heat pump. With these off line the wattage decreases 45% and with a little more discipline down another 15%. I do have a wattage meter and in process measuring remaining components and all lights are LED.
I did buy the AC300 combo will be here Thursday with plan to expand to 9KW by end of year. I also have two 320 watt 24 volt panels on hand ready to go with room for 4 more.
I will supply back up power to fridge, small freezer, weboost and wifi and some lights for now.
Half of our last house was mostly off grid so conserving solar power is not new to us.

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