Do smaller Inverters use Less Energy? 200MAX vs AC300

I have three AC200P units and they are solid, but need more battery. Considering both the 200MAX or AC300.

I am wondering if one has an advantage over the other as far as using less energy to run itself (overhead usage).

Hi @markieboy711,

The smaller inverter, the less power will be used if they power the same wattage device in the same time.

Here are some discussions about AC200 and AC300 for your reference

I had to choose the AC300 because I needed more power and the AC300 gives 3 kW (120 VAC at 25 A), and it allows up to four B300 3 kWh batteries for a total of 12 kWh of power. Plus I also needed 240 VAC which uses two AC300 and the Fusion Box Pro. The second AC300 adds 3 kW more for 6 kW of 240 VAC at 25 A. Adding four more B300 gives up to 24 kWh.

These are the main advantages of the AC300 over the AC200P or the AC200MAX.