Unbind my machine from the app

Hi, I can’t find a way to unbind my machine from the app. My serial # is. AC3002217000061866

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@Sdberre Already unbound.

It is easy to unbound any device fron the app. I have added two devices for testing then unbound them after.

Please will you unbind my machine, AC3002216000074252

@TomMoore Already unbound.

Could you, please, unbind AC3002309000904119? Thanks!

@Dmytryk Already unbound.

Thank you.
Please will you unbind my machine again, AC3002216000074252

@TomMoore Unbinding has been completed. May I ask if it was previously bound to another account by mistake?

No, it’s because I changed the Wi-Fi password, and I am still unable to link it to my router. Please will you help?

Why is it not easy for the user to do this themself?

I have replied to you in the previous post that the device has been unbound. :)

Users can also unbind the device by themselves on the app interface.

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Please may I have more help?
My Bluetti Android app tells me my AC300 is Offline, but it works via Bluetooth and I have numerous times tried updating the WiFi password? How do I reconnect it via WiFi?

Hi there, can you unbind my AC3002144000302754? Thank you!


I bought a unit from Walmart and it is bound to someone else, how do I unbind and use my own acct?

Hi there. The ability to unbind seems to be broken and/or not available to initiate when the device is no longer available to attach to. In my case, it’s in another state.

Can you please unbind this? There is no other way for me to transfer control over to another family member!

Please unbind my AC3002144000302754? Thank you!


@ruchillin1 It can be unbundled as shown.

@stownsend Already unbound.

Hi there, can you unbind my AC1802315000667699? Thank you!