Unbind my machine from the app

Please unbind my AC300 serial number is AC3002134000181479

@kemperd Already unbound.
@ASugiyanto Sorry for late reply, AC1802315000667699 Does it still need to be unbound?

Bought a reverb unit from BLUETTI eBay and it’s bound to someone else. Can you unbind it. AC3002180000000008
Thank you

After checking the system, I found that your AC3002180000000008 is not being bound, can you check it again?

Thank you. Another person had already unbound it.

Can you please unbind my “new” referb ac300. AC3002145000607138
Thank you

I got another one as that one was defective. Can you unbind my new one? Thanks

@Slloyd Already unbound.

“Unbind” is on the app, in red letters on mine.
I tried to post a screenshot but it wouldn’t process.