Total lack of feedback/non existent customer service

I ordered a AC200P from the EU store last Thursday. Early Friday morning I received a semi-rude mail asking if the order really was from me and valid. I responded to the mail within an hour without getting any feedback from Bluetti after that. I have since sent two more mails asking if the order is now ok and when it will be delivered. Crickets…

I have paid, at least to me, quite a lot of money for a product without now knowing anything about the status of the order.

Would appreciate some assistans to get this resolved ASAP. Sorry, but this is quite frustrasting. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

EDIT: Guess it will be easier to check with the order number. SPF-EU-1584.

Hi @stelin74,

Sorry to keep you waiting.
We have sent the package to you yesterday and your tracking number will be updated soon. Your order is medium risk order, so we need to check with you before we send the AC200P to you.
Thank you for purchasing from us.

Ok, I really appreciate the feedback and I have now received the tracking number. Hope you will be able to improve the customer service through phone/email going forward, it will benefit you.

Best regards,


Hello @stelin74,

We will, thank you for advice.

Have a nice day.

Hi again.

Now it turns out that my package has been stopped in Copenhagen on the 25th on it’s way here because, according to PostNord in Sweden, the package isn’t sent with the correct information and doesn’t fulfill the service specifications. Could you please check this as soon as possible so I can receive the package.

Tracking id is 02655040734352.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Hi Stefan,

Your package is now in transit. And you’ll get it soon.

Did you contact DPD and know that the issue is now resolved? (The issue needs action from sender.)

The screenshot you sent is from the same app that I use, and as you can see the date is from the 25th.

According to PostNord it still hasn’t arrived in Sweden and was still, as of yesterday, in Denmark. (Please see screenshot below from PostNord.)

Best regards,


Hi Stefan,

Pls contact our customers service at

I wrote them yesterday but (sad to say) still haven’t heard back from them. Will you please tell them to check their mail?

EDIT: Noted now that my email yesterday was sent to Should go to the same address I would guess? But I sent one more now to the address you provided.

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Yes, I have asked them to check, and they will reply to you asap. You don’t need to send it again to another address. Pls kindly note your email.

Thank you for your help, appreciated!

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Hi again, I’m truly sorry to have to write here again.

So yesterday I finally received a short reply from the “EU support” that they would contact the shipping company and get back to me “if” (What about giving me feedback no matter what so that I know they are actually doing something? Keep the customer informed!) they got any new info about the parcel.

Now it’s been 24 more hours, the package is still stuck in Copenhagen, and I have received no more feedback at all from your EU Support. I’m getting so fed up with this. I can only assume no contact has (still) been made with the shipping company by the person who sent me the email?(I’m leaving the name out for now.)

I provided all the information I have about the issue (screenshots etc) to the email address you provided and I’ve spoken to PostNord and also DPD in Germany. No one can help me or give me more information, they all just tell me to CONTACT THE SENDER, i.e. Bluetti to correct the problem. (I believe the problem is that the package is 0,6 kilo too heavy for PostNord’s specifications, which makes the whole thing even more absurd. Should be so easy to solve.)

So can you please make sure something happens with this issue, Bluetti (sender) HAS to resolve this issue by contacting DPD, otherwise nothing will happen.

I really can’t believe that I, as your customer, should have to do all this myself.

(And I’m sorry, this is nothing personal for Bluetti Admin here, I thank you for your assistance. You are the actual person keeping your support alive the way I see it.)

Best regards,


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Had similar problems. The company grows fast and not all departments seem to be able to keep up with the speed of growth. My parcel was stuck for five days and i wrote a mail on daily basis. I just hope that there are only two persons sitting in front of their pc’s and trying to cope with the questions and complaints of 200 customers a day. They do their best but have no chance.

Hi Stefan,

Good day.
Sorry for your unhappy purchase experience.
I have asked my colleague to follow up your package and she will let you know once further progress is made. Pls don’t worry, we are always here and any questions, feel free to contact us.

Hi @Magnus,

Nice to meet you.
Can you pls tell me your order number? I’ll check it for you.

Hi Magnus. Thanks for your input, I’m sure you’re right with fast growing (pains). And I feel for the people trying to do their work. However, working with IT-support myself since 20+ years, I also know the importance of keeping the customers happy. Just hoping this will soon be resolved.

Thanks, yes I got a mail from her.

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Dear Support.

I’ve placed an order on your site but I did a typo error on my email so I got no feedback from you.

I’ve sent an email to the support asking if it is possible to check the order number and fix the mail with the correct one.
I’ve no reply from Sales Department (Order & Shipping) but the order is already paid and no answer from the Company.

My order number is : SPF-EU-3788.

Thanks in advance

Stefan - I have just bought a 150 and have been trying to contact them with that email for about 2 weeks now. Dont hold your breath with that address. I dont know whats goin on, but here in Australia that is the only contact detail they give and they don’t answer that?
All the paperwork that arrived with the machine said grand things about warranty and a satisfaction guarantees but if there is no way to contact them i guess that says what that’s worth? Have tried to contact the Auto Expert here in Australia (john Cadogan) but he thinks i am stuck with it! Pity is that i am not certain i cant use it but i cant ask anyone about it? Just joined this forum to see if this is a way to get them to talk with me?

As far as i can see, same result here.