Total lack of feedback/non existent customer service

Imagine how good the service will be after/if you get it? whats a warranty worth if the company can only take money?
i am old

Hi Old. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble getting in contact, I guess we are more or less experiencing the same problems with that.

For anyone reading this before ordering it is probably good to know that I’m still waiting for my product. It’s still stuck in transport in the same place (for now more than a week) with no updates about what’s going on from Bluetti.

@old Hope you’ll get in touch with them eventually and have your problem solved!


UPDATE: Actually just got info from DPD that the problem at least has been reported to them. So let’s see how long this will take from now.

Hi @trekker2003,

Don’t worry, I will ask my colleague to check and reply to you asap.

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Hi @old,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you pls provide your email and your order number? I’ll check it for you asap.

Thanks! They replied!
Thanks for your cooperation!
Kind Regards

The email is this one. the order number: BIAUMC2335.

Please check with Niya below who sent me this yesterday. I sent her/him a detailed reply. Nothing heard back yet?

Essentially i would like to be able to use your equipment, but its input and output abilities, if they can`t be modified, seem to prevent it.

Will probably have to send it back, as you claim i can. Will need detail on how to do this and what that costs?

may goodness be at you i am michael.

Hi Michael,

What can I do for you?

Best regrads,

So, four more days without any feedback about the whereabouts of the AC200P. It’s still stuck in Copenhagen where it’s been since the 25th of march.

I wrote to the support again yesterday to please provide a status and timeline but as usual no answer what so ever. @BLUETTI Could you please check, again…it’s the only way to get an answer.

I can’t keep waiting forever without knowing when/if I will receive it. I’ll give it a few more days, then I will have to start thinking about getting my money back.


Hi @stelin74,

Sorry for the unhappy experience. We’ll ship a new one to you. Tracking number will be sent to you soon.


That sounds like a good solution, thank you! Received the tracking number automatically already.

Let’s hope it will get all the way through this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


So, I just received notice of next parcel stuck at the exact same place with exactly the same problem as last time! I asked you to the make sure that this wouldn’t happen. So what now???

Update: For info it actually looks like it moved past this point late last evening. Keeping my fingers crossed, let’s see Monday morning…


Hi Stenfan,

I have checked your order, it is in transit. Any questions, pls contact us.

Update: It’s finally here! :+1: Everything looks ok, feels good to finally be able to relax about this drawn out issue.


Hi @BLUETTI , I sent an email regarding the order above two days ago (to but have still not received an answer. Could you please let them know I’m waiting?

I’m a big Bluetti product fan. Original backer of the EP500 Pro on Kickstarter, Now owner of an AC300 = 3xB300 batteries direct from, and now I have backed an AC500 = 2x300s set up on Indiegogo. However I have just discovered a slight issue with the charging from AC power to my AC300. It charges from UK 240v AC Grid ok. It also will charge from a small inverter Generator I have to 1600w ok. However I wish to charge it from the AC on my Ecoflow delta Pro (This basically means I can link the battery systems together) It won’t? It also won’t charge from grid AC mains when my house is running of my Champion CPG7500E2 DF 7000W generator.

So what do you do? I have endeavoured to go through the contact us page of and emailed with a full description and a video. I’ve copied and pasted the email Ive sent below. I’m endeavouring to reach out to Bluetti here as I’m at a loss as what else to do. So BLUETTI DO YOU HEAR SEE ME??? Please can someone respond




I sent the original email on the 6th September and a follow up a week later. Absolutely nobody has got back to me!! There is no number to call. I haven’t even had an automated email reply. This is really bad customer care. I have made a pledge for the new AC500 + B300s batteries on Indiegogo however if no one at Bluetti can simply respond to a technical issue that might need to be a warranty issue then naturally I would have to cancel the indiegogo pledge. How can anyone proceed if there is no customer service!??

If anyone gets this here is a further update
My AC300 charges from UK 240v AC Grid ok.
It also will charge from a small inverter Generator I have to 1600w ok.
However as per below I wish to charge it from the AC on my Ecoflow delta Pro (This basically means I can link the battery systems together) It won’t?
It also won’t charge from grid AC mains when my house is running of my Champion CPG7500E2 DF 7000W generator.

Here is the follow up link to the one below Dropbox - VID_20220909_143607326.mp4 - Simplify your life

Here is the original link again Dropbox - VID_20220906_090618225.mp4 - Simplify your life

Please kindly get back to me

Thank you

From: Dean McEvoy
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2022 12:32 PM
Subject: Re: AC Charging problem

Hi There

I am just chasing this one up. I’m currently wishing to upgrade to the AC500 + battery’s via Indiegogo but need to correct/understand this issue before I proceed. there is still 50 units left on the perk but the clock is ticking so I would appreciate it very much if you can respond to this promptly
Kind Regards

From: Dean McEvoy
Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2022 5:30 PM
Subject: AC Charging problem

Hi There

I have The Bluetti AC300 + 3 x B300 batteries. Works great with my 3000w solar (aprox). For my setup I also run a EcoFlow Delta Pro+ Extra battery with an additional 2000w solar (aprox). They all charge as expected both with soar and mains AC from the Grid if required. However I now run my small house completely off grid and so I use the option of running both eco-systems on different circuits, (3000w Bluetti + 3600W EcoFlow) however it is rare that I need more than 3000w of the Bluetti AC300 at any one time so I want to charge the Bluetti with both Solar & AC from the Eco Flow.

The Eco Flow Pro will charge nicely from both its solar + AC from the Bluetti for max input. However for some reason the Bluetti will not charge from the Eco Flow AC output. I hear the Bluetti just click on and off within its circuit but will not draw from the EcoFlow. There is definately not a problem with the Eco flow. Its running happily outputting 230v and 50Hz up to 3600w

I have uploaded a quick video here. Dropbox - VID_20220906_090618225.mp4 - Simplify your life I’ve tried every UPS setting on the Bluetti but to know avail. Please can you help with this issue.

Kind Regards

Hi @Deano , I am very sorry for the inconvenience. In view of the problem you mentioned, can you please adjust the AC output frequency of AC300 and try again to see if AC300 can charge properly?

Hi There, Thankyou for getting back to me here. I appreciate it. Ok I have changed the AC output frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz. Unfortunately this did nor rectify the problem. What it did do was also stop the AC300 charging directly from National Grid AC mains also. Still nothing from the Ecoflow or Champion.

As you can see the input frequency from the Grid and Ecoflow is 50Hz and roughly 230v. I also tried different Voltage Hz combinations. Nothing changed except that at the 60Hz setting the National Grid AC input also meant the AC300 would not draw a charge on this setting. Once back at 50Hz the National Grid would charge the AC300 but Not the Ecoflow or Champion. What Next?

Hi @Deano , Thank you for the pictures and your reconfirmation. Please turn it back to 50Hz for use. Also, can you provide us with the serial number of the AC300? (S/N code located at the bottom of the machine) so that the technical engineer can push a software to you for optimization.
Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation.

Hi There
Thank you again for getting back to me.

here is the SN number/s

On App AC30021480000881228 |

  • |
    About Device 21480000881228 |
    ioT SN 2137000188885 |
    Sticker on bottom of AC300 10329ZE21470073 |

Just let me know if you need any more information
Kind Regards

Hi @Deano , The technical engineer said he couldn’t search for your SN code, can you please go check it again? Thank you very much for your cooperation