There's Another Firmware Update for the EB3A (July 14 2022)

Just a heads up - there’s a new firmware for the EB3A for ARM, it’s v2057.11 while the DSP has stayed the same at v2056.10.

I do wish they’d post notes about the firmware so we know what it’s about. I updated all 3 of mine with no problems.


Ah…thanks for the heads up. .10 ARM is pretty stable imo but I am wondering what .11 impoves on. Maybe the temp issue?

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Hiya Vinman. Bluetti Global just responded to my post over on Facebook and wrote this:

“Hi Jayling, thank you for your sharing and advice. We will consider it. The ARM v2057.11 version has fixed the problem that the EB3A may reboot if the solar power is weak.”

I had issues yesterday before updating with weak morning solar input, where the display had a blue blinking Input so I thought something was buggered with the station, but my other station didn’t charge either even though it didn’t have the blue blinking input - thought that was weird with both being on the same .10 firmware. I did notice that if the incoming watts were 0-10w, they wouldn’t show on the display but did on the app.


Thanks for the firmware update notes. When low PV voltage my input did blink as well but as you stated the App and display were out of synk and I guess they fixed that on .11 but I never experienced the EB3A rebooting on its own with low input. As long as the .11 doesn’t break the UPS bypass issue I am a happy camper so far!


I have an EB3A on order that is supposed to arrive next week. I’m guessing the first thing I need to do is download the Bluetti App and then the firmware updates?

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@Vinman Please keep us updated on how well the .11 does with your UPS - I still haven’t tried again since the earlier fiasco (lol).

@MitchC Heya Mitch, I do advise to upgrade the firmware as it does fix some early on bugs. Some people say to not have the power cord plugged in or any devices plugged into AC or DC when doing the upgrade. Just keep your phone close to the power station and don’t interrupt the process like having the phone go to sleep, etc. The update only takes about a minute to do. And congrats on your soon to have station. :slight_smile:

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Same here, it’s a minor bug even with the new ARM .11 firmware:


Yes, most likely it may come as low as a firmware like .02. Update it to the latest.

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Make sure to get your eb3a price matched for a bigger discount. They have it on sale for $209 right now.

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@Tombox when you say price match are you saying Bluetti will credit for EB3A that just ordered (and received) a couple weeks ago? It was about $240. I was stnned to see it for $209 yesterday, lower thn kick off price. Thx

I just checked my EB3A and it is at ARM v2057.05 (.11 avail) & DSP v2056.05 (.10 avail). Thx for the geads up.

Sounds like people have been successful w/ firmware upgrade so maybe I’ll give it a try. These firmware levels are what it shipped w/ a little over a week ago.

@roxie60 Yes, if you ordered from their website within the last 30 days (June 15, 2022), just write a short note with your order number and the date you ordered and ask for the price difference to If you ordered at Amazon, just use the chat bot for the Help/Contact Seller. I texted the Seller yesterday at Amazon and today got the refund from them, still waiting on those I ordered from the official website.

At Amazon it may be harder to find - Click on ‘Your Order Details’ for the item, then click ‘Leave Seller Feedback’ then ‘View Seller Profile’, then ‘Ask a Question’. A chat bot will come up and you can write to Bluetti there.


I just upgraded EB3A firmware (thx to all in this community that blazed the firmware trail. I was hesitant until reading everyone’s comments. Also appreciate the steps described cause nothing was i the manual).

Both DSP & ARM upgraded in just less than a minute each. At ARM v2057.11 & DSP v2056.10. Even after reading comments i forgot to shut off AC so I can confirm the upgrades will fail. Turned off AC and upgrades went fine.

I can also confirm the display now stays on 60s, thx @BLUETTI both for the awesome display (wish I had it on my other Bluettis) and for the extended display time. A great start to having a device that can benefit from firmware upgrades.

I was at 100% SoC so cant comment on the reported SoC jumps after upgrade.

If this is the next generation path Bluetti is on then I expect I need to save some money for an upcoming EB55A, EB70SA or EB100A (wishful thinking on my part :wink:).

Still putting EB3A thru testing. I can also confirm once at 100% SoC the AC device (tv 50w) was receiving power fron the wall outlet (I suspect it always was even while EB3A recharging).

I did notice some connectivity issues w/ Bluetooth and the solar generator/power station, whateva… after initial user learning curve yesterday connected & reconnected multple times. The app and display values matched with almost imperceptible delay. Today however the device would show up on the list but would not connect. I dont recall doing anything special but I was trying various things. It did eventually connect and when I backout and re-select the device always displays.

I am wondering why I can’t power off from the EB3A from the app, get msg please abort grid input and try powering off. It does disconnect the Bluetooth from the EB3A after pull the plug. Then have to turn on AC power to reconnect (not grid) the Bluetooth. Then i turn off the AC once connected.

My experiences so far, your mileage may vary.

I’m glad it worked out!

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Usually after a firmware update expect wierd behavior. I say as a norm let the unit discharge all the way to 0% and shut itself off and then charge again. For you app, reboot your phone.

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Thank you. Made the request. Also odered another EB3A. Very happy w/ direction Bluetti heading. It is pleasing to see what they included in this box.

Because the EB3A is in UPS mode which assumes that power needs to always be available. My preference would be that if you switch off the AC inverter, then allow powering off the EB3A from the app.

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Bill, maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but there is a Power Off in the app - I use it a lot to shut off the stations.


Do the Bluetti models you shutdown with the app have a UPS mode? If so, are they plugged into AC to charge?

On the EB3A, if you try shutting down the unit from the app while charging via AC power, you will get the message:

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Bill, I’ve only used the Power Off after disconnecting everything, not when charging or having power going to the DC or AC.

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