There's Another Firmware Update for the EB3A (July 14 2022)

history: I don’t own, and have no intention of acquiring a smartphone. no, I don’t live in a cave and eat dead rats. have a eb70s, very happy with it. eb3a just arrived today. is it useable without updating software via smartphone? (I have a MacBook laptop no app available) if not, I’ll just leave it packaged and send it back.

Yes, although I recommend testing all features you plan on using.

would be nice right,

bxm6306, thanks for encouragement and suggestion. out of box, unit taking solar and car charging (I have eb70s, thus cables), ac charging and ac/dc output. no glitches, looks good.

so, I’m guessing this thread is about app rather than manual control.

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@mkbgdns That’s exactly right. As consumers we should expect products to work out of the box as they were designed to. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure a fully tested and usable product is shipped initially.

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How do we get a price match when Bluetti doesn’t respond to my emails?

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