Sudden loss of AC200MAX charge

Good afternoon everyone. I am using an AC200MAX station. My station is constantly charging from two 100W solar panels (connected in series). In the morning AC200MAX automatically turns on, and in the evening (when there is no solar energy) I turn off the station manually and so every day. I got a problem. The AC200MAX station was charged up to 86%, in the evening I turned it off as I usually do. At night (after about 3-4 hours) I turned it on and the charge level was 13% (I did not connect energy consumers). Tell me, please, what is the reason, what happened, and where could the charge (battery capacity) of the station disappear from 86% to 13%?
Thank you all in advance for your help and attention.

@Ruslan_Mishyn This may need to be resolved by a firmware update.
What is your machine’s SN code, please? What country are you located in?

Good day! Thank you for your answer. I live in Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. I am using an AC200MAX station, serial number AC200M2242001144745

@Ruslan_Mishyn Engineers have pushed a new firmware to you. Please update to see if the problem still accurs.

Thank you very much for your quick reply and help in solving my question. I installed the new software you sent me. I will follow the station, if there are questions I will write. Thanks again to you and your team.

The same happened to me. My device reported 84%, then suddenly dropped to 0%. It was on stand-by without any load for days. My product serial number is: AC200M2240002476641

Sorry to jump in, but why doesn’t everyone get the fix in a firmware update ?

@gera_b The firmware has been pushed to you, please go to the app to connect and update.

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Currently the firmware for the AC200MAX needs to be pushed individually by contacting us. It is not available to bulk push the latest firmware to the user side at this time.

Thanks for explaining, is this likely to change ?

Do other BLUETTI devices get firmware updates automatically?

Dropped from 85% to 4% immediately after the update. Not sure if it shows the correct value. Very strange. I hope it won’t overcharge and explode ))

@gera_b After updating, do a full charge with AC and discharge cycle again before using. See if the case still exists.

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The device does not automatically get the latest firmware. It all needs to be manually pushed to the machine by an engineer.

How did you produce that nice graph?

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With Bluetti_ESP32_Bridge,
and Grafana+InfluxDb and Telegraph. Maybe I’ll make a video about my setup in my spare time and share it here.

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Hi Bluetti Team. I am also experiencing the same issue as the original post. I have a AC200MAX and a B230. At night i will be 80% full on both and have no AC or DC load on the unit. If i shut off the unit and turn it back on in the morning the AC200MAX will be at Zero battery, and the B230 will be at 80%. Can you please push the firmware update to my unit AC200M2150000959183.


ich habe auch das Problem, dass sich meine AC200max nach dem ausschalten entlädt.

Seriennummer: 2228002563679

DSP Version: 4005.07
ARM Version: 4008.03
BMS Version: 1017.02
HMI Version: 6037.03


Gestern Abend noch über 60 %, dann ausgeschaltet. Heute morgen nach dem einschalten wieder 0%. Bis 1 % das Netzteil angeschlossen. Max wieder ausgeschaltet, Netzteil ab und dann wieder angeschaltet. 70 % Akku. Bei optischen 0% sind Datum und Uhrzeit vorhanden und richtig. Selbst die Zellen haben bei optisch angezeigten 0% noch alle 3.28. Wenn das Gerät wirklich leer ist, dann zeigen die Zellen 3.08 an. Wenn der Akku 100 % voll ist, dann zeigen die Zellen 3.33 an. Der Fehler tritt nur auf, wenn das Gerät komplett ausgeschaltet wird und dann wieder angeschaltet wird. Kann hoffentlich nur ein Softwareproblem sein.

Mfg. Thomas

@Lrndspirit @ThomasB
SN code have been received and I have registered it to the engineer for you. The update is expected to be pushed out within 12 hours, so please watch for the notification then.

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I am having a similar issue. Serial AC200MAX 2238001895212. Please send update

@flintoid49 The latest firmware has been pushed, please update to see.