Smart Home Panel v.AC300 Help

Okay, I can’t ever seem to get through to Bluetti support. So maybe someone here can help.

I purchase and have installed the Smart Home Panel for the AC300:

  • I have 2 AC300’s and b300 batteries connected per the instructions.
  • I left all the wiring inside the Smart panel as factory default
  • I connected the mains to the left side 50amp circuit breaker, and connected the neutrals from the main panel to the left side neutral bar (I also added an 8ga neutral wire from the main to each side of the neutral bars in the Smart Panel).
  • I connected the circuits in the house I want to run and measured the AMP’s/draw from each one, to make sure I don’t pull to many watts.
  • To troubleshoot I have only one circuit breaker switched on that draws 150watts.

The issue:
When the switch is put in position #2, the AC300’s charge just fine and the circuit breakers have power.

When the switch is in position #1, the circuit breaker does not get power from the mains, but when I switch off the main breaker (and the AC300 stops being charged), I can run the circuit with the AC300 (when I put the AC power on manually on the AC300). So the Standard UPS mode doesn’t work when power is lost, unless I put the AC power on via the AC300 control panel.

The Issue’s summary:

  1. Position #1, shuts off the main power to the circuits even when the main power is turned on.
  2. The AC300 will not kick on automatically when the main power is switched off (the AC300 is in Standard UPS mode). I haven’t even messed with the two AC300’s combined as I’m still waiting for a communication cable from Bluetti.

I have a feeling the Smart Home Panel switch is not wired correctly from the manufacturer, but there are no schematics of how that switch is wired. Nor is there any clear wiring schematics on how the Smart Panel is wired by the factory (or supposed to be for that matter).

Please post your thoughts/ideas.


You may be correct. This post has links to some newer Smart Panel docs from Bluetti Anyone with Smart Home Panel Installed?. Maybe they will be of help.