Shipping address change (order SPF-EU-30867)

Hello Bluetti support,

I have sent an email to regarding changing the address for my order SPF-EU-30867 (Bluetti B300). However, I’m afraid my email will be lost, because I still didn’t get a response on my other email, which I sent 10 days ago.

Could you make sure that my email will be read, and my delivery address will be changed before you ship my order? I saw it helps to post on this forum to get an actual response.


I am very sorry, I have passed your situation to the support department and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that if the order is shipped once it will no longer be supported to change the delivery address, subject to the support department’s email reply.
Thank you again for your understanding and support.

Thanks for your reply and for speeding up the process, the support contacted me.

if the order is shipped

When I was writing this post and my email, the order page showed that my order hadn’t been shipped. However, today I found out from the support that my order was delivered three days ago. Lack of up-to-date tracking information caused huge issues for me, I will most likely not get my Bluetti in the following months or at all.